Putting The “Ad” In Bad (next in an occasional series)

cbs2It can probably be argued that the folks over at CBS2.com don’t exercise a lot  of control over which online ads show up with what webcast stories. One might even excuse an awkward pairing between the print version of a story and whatever’s being sold alongside it.

But when the video segment of the story featuring the heartbroken and grieving mother of the USC freshman killed by  a hit-and-run driver gets sandwiched between the  same identical car commercial — the one featuring a Honda driving along the musical road? Yeah, the word “tasteless” comes to mind. No argument. No excuses.

One thought on “Putting The “Ad” In Bad (next in an occasional series)”

  1. I think the ads are computer generated, no human oversight. I’m a member of a yahoo group, NELAlist and when various people were discussing the curb painters (who might or might not advise people in advance that they would paint the address number on the curb, and what the charge was, there were comments about what a scam it was, and where did these people come from?
    I usually tune out the surrounding ads, but this time I noticed there were several for books or instructions on how to make up to $400 per day painting curbs! I mentioned it to someone with a website and was told the filtering for ad generation was not specific about negatives.
    I don’t know what it would take to make the program negative keyword sensitive but I think the ad companies would probably be more concerned with reducing the number of possible placements than the cost of the change…or the possible emotional fallout from misplaced ads.

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