A video tour of the New Beverly’s projection booth

Ever since I was given a quick peek inside the New Beverly’s projection booth last year I’ve been wanting to return with a video crew to document one of L.A.’s coolest little nooks. Reels of countless trailers from the past 7 or so decades were stacked to the ceiling, and just about every remaining bit of wall space was covered with every calendar/schedule the New Bev had printed since it reopened as a revival house just over 30 years ago. It was a film geek’s paradise.

I still haven’t arranged the video crew for a visit, but last week, FlipCam in hand, projectionist Adam Trash invited up to the booth for brief tour. Here’s the result:


The video isn’t great. In fact, its pretty piss poor. The FlipCam I shot this with does a surprisingly good job when there’s plenty of light, which there wasn’t in the projection booth. And the sound is far from perfect. Again, this was shot in a working projection booth with a FlipCam.

Mainly, I wanted an excuse to try out a fancy new opening graphic I whipped up for Metblogs related videos. Original music by Kari Newhouse was actually composed and recorded for a series of podcasts I abandoned.

Regardless, this is for the cinephiles out there. Especially New Beverly fans.

(pssst… click here for a really awesome video about the New Beverly)

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  1. All “not my best work” caveats aside, that was pretty darn cool. Both subject matter and video production.

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