You Say Tomato, I Say TomatoMania!

heirloomsHere’s a good way to start your victory garden: heirloom tomatoes!  My girlfriend could take a bite out of tomato like she were chomping on an apple.  This always boggled my mind, until I had my first heirloom tomato.  I dated a girl ever-so-briefly who would spend her entire week’s paycheck on one single trip to the Sunday’s farmer’s market.  One time, she spent a huge chunk of that paycheck just on heirlooms.  I thought she was insane, until I took a bite:  Meaty, not overly juicy, sweet, with hints of earth.  So this is what a tomato is supposed to taste like!

I still grumble at the idea of having to use up the majority of a paycheck just to have enough to shop at your local open market – the slow food movement desperately needs to peek an eye out from under Alice Waters’ drooping wings and stop pretending like access to organic and local food is affordable and available to the majority of the population.  Here’s one way towards heirloom affordability:  TomatoMania! at the Tapia Brothers’ Farm Stand in Encino.   Today and tomorrow, from 9am to 5pm, you can peruse their selection of nearly 300 varieties of heirloom tomato seedlings and get your victory garden ready for the summer.

In case you miss this, Beverly Hill’s PartyPaperLife store will host its own urban TomatoMania! sale on its sidewalk on April 18.  That’s right, we’re bringing heirlooms to the masses…

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  1. You gotta blog again about the PaperPartyLife event closer to when it happens & follow up with us afterwards…this could be a serious opportunity for hardcore food p*rn!!! :D

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