“Black” color ban in the works in an effort to green up our cars by CARB.

The idgets in Sacramento are grabbing at straws in an effort to green up cars by banning “Black” as a color option on new cars sold in 2012.  The proposal is out there as it takes a bit more energy to cool a black car than others.   I see Henry Ford of the “let them have any color as long as its black”  fame rolling in his grave.

Yes, a black car may heat up faster but whatever happened to a little common sense to cool them off faster by say…rolling down a window or popping open the sunroof to get rid of the excess faster when you first start the car?  Both worked for me when we had a black car.  (In fact that car had the best A/C of any car we have ever had…kept us cool as can be in 118 heat during a traffic jam).  The savings even on a few thousand cars will still be nominal and certainly there are bigger smog makers out there to tackle that would have better impact.

Up for discussion…is this nonsense or do you think the savings in fuel is worth it?  Do you think LA is ready to give up its sexy black car for say a white one?

frazgoeslargeblacktinyHat tip to Kent Shockneck and his Let’s Blog for bringing this to my attention.  Pic by me, it will take you to my flickr page where you can get a bigger view if you wish.

3 thoughts on ““Black” color ban in the works in an effort to green up our cars by CARB.”

  1. It’s hard for government officials to surprise me with stupidity anymore, but in this case they have succeeded. What about all the other dark colors, some of which, like “midnight blue,” are nearly indistinguishable from black? Plus, I can’t wait until the next time the President or a foreign dignitary comes to California and needs a motorcade. Shall we give them enviro-green colored limos? How about that electric lime green that was popular on the Honda Civic del Sol? Maybe they’ll get a motorcade of Priuses, and the cops who usually ride escort on motorcycles will ride Big Wheels instead.

  2. What an astonishing load of crap! What’s next… black t-shirts? Dark thoughts? Black eyes?

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