Voulez-Vous Voir Un Film?

Los Angeles (Metblogs) – Just when you thought you’d have to wait until Festival De Cannes in May to spread that gooey brie all over your crusty baguette and stick it in your grosse bouche, a week of French films will be premiering in Hollywood April 20 – 26, 2009 as part of the 13th annual COL•COA French Film Festival.

Francois Truffart at the 2007 COL•COA Film Festival
Francois Truffart at the 2007 COL•COA Film Festival

Metblogs reader, Laure confirmed that tickets are available online NOW and will likely sell out! Click here to check out what’s available.

Beginning April 11, you can purchase advance tickets at the COL•COA box office (cash or checks only) located in the lobby of the Directors Guild of America. During the festival, the box office will open a half an hour before the first show time of the day. All films will be presented with English subtitles.

The event takes place at the Directors Guild of America Theater Complex at 7920 Sunset, LA, CA 90046.

So how many francs will this petite festival set you back?


SENIORS (62 and over)


City of Lights, City of Angels (COL•COA) was created in 1996 by The Franco-American Cultural Fund, a unique collaborative effort between the Directors Guild of America, the Motion Picture Association, the Writers Guild of America, West, and France’s Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music (SACEM).

For more information about the event, to find out about other special ticket offers, or to purchase tickets online, visit COL•COA’s web site: http://www.colcoa.org/2009/home/index.asp

7 thoughts on “Voulez-Vous Voir Un Film?”

  1. From past experience, the tickets sell really fast, so if you are interested in any of the movies, book them right away! Tickets are also $7 for ASC, ICG, SAG, American Cinematheque, Film Independent, LACMA, Women in Film.

  2. Oui, je le veux beaucoup! Actually, they have some good deals if you’re planning on seeing several in the daytime…the entire site isn’t up, and according to the schedule, tickets won’t be available until April 11th at DGA but it looks like they’re available online now. I haven’t tried to buy yet, still checking out what they’re offering.
    I don’t know how they select the films for this, but sometimes it seems they bring mostly the ‘safe’ films…good, yes, but not ones I’ve read about and would like to see. I like Depardieu, but his presence in a film does not make me want to watch it.
    Well, on va voir, oui?
    (and thanks so much for the heads up!)

  3. I confirm: the tix are available right now, and believe me, they go fast!
    If you wait until April 11 to buy them directly @ the DGA, the chances are you will be way too late. (Full disclosure: we’re not affiliated with COLCOA in any way, but we’ve been going to the festival for the past 6 years, and we jump on the tix as soon as they’re available — booked 11 flix for this coming season today!)

  4. The big difference between French vs. American movies is that in French films the plots almost don’t matter because the story is about the characters. (In American movies, the story is always plot driven).

    In general, the COLCOA Fest is a great chance to catch French films that don’t have distribution in the US. So a film like Costa Gavras’ EDEN IS WEST can be skipped because it will play LA at some point. Also, most films starring Daniel Auteil or Gerard Depardieu usually end up stateside, so look out for sly comedies like THE GIRL FROM MONACO with the hilarious Fabrice Luchini. CHILDHOODS also looks very interesting.

    MESRINE, the SCARFACE-like 2 part epic with the great Vincent Cassell, may/may not get distribution.

    Also worth checking out, GROWNUPS with the great Jean-Pierre Darroussin and LOUISE MICHEL with the incomparable Yolande Moreau.

    But my big excitement is for…

    … OSS 117: LOST IN RIO with the brilliant Jean Dujardin, the funniest man in French movies, as an Austin-Powers-Meets-James Bond spy. (I love love love Dujardin – rent 99 FRANCS if you can find it.)

    COLCOA also has this year a classic film noir series in the afternoon – tix are often easier to get for these thrillers that have played in past COLCOA fests. These aren’t 1940s black and white thrillers, they are recent films (except for THE SLEEPING CAR MURDERS c. 1965). TCHAO PANTIN looks awesome.

  5. I am SO glad you posted about this, I read (and confirmed) the Mesrine duo are sold out…I got my tickets online the same day…
    so if there are other films you want to see, don’t wait…and given the parking situation in the area I think the free parking makes this such a great deal also…

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