Putting the “Dis” In District: 26th State Senate Elections In!

Just a quick follow-up to yesterday’s post in which I wondered exactly how lame the turnout would be for the 26th State Senate District election.

Monumentally so: 6.16% of the 390,409 registered voters. The total ballots cast came in at 24,039, which means LAist’s Zach Behrens (who savvily suggested 25,000) wins! Of note: more than half the votes — 12,049 — were mail-ins. That leaves only 11,990 of us who actually went to the polls.

That’s what I call $2.2 million well spent!

And the winners? As expected frontrunners Curren Price (8,442 votes; 35%) and Mike Davis (5,158 votes; 21%) finished at the top. The 26th District’s next senator will be decided in a May 19th run-off.

UPDATE (10:12 a.m.): Just when you think it couldn’t get any zanier, it does. Many thanks to Zach at LAist for pointing out that “Unlike the city election runoffs, it’s not the top two, it’s the top from each party who go to the runoff.”  So despite Democrat Mike Davis pulling the second highest number of votes (5.158; 21.78%), he’s out. And on the May 19th ballot will be Democrat Curren Price, surfing Rabbi Republican Nachum Shiffren (2,731; 11.53%)  and Peace & Freedom’s motorcycle mama Cindy Henderson (414; 1.75%) — the latter two running unopposed within their parties.

6 thoughts on “Putting the “Dis” In District: 26th State Senate Elections In!”

  1. Yeah Annnika, but at least it’ll be on the same day as the city attorney, and 5th city council district run-offs, giving some semblance of a coordinated efficiency.

  2. Also on May 19th, major statewide initiatives re: the budget. It’s an important election.

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