Reduce Your Water Use By June 1st or Pay Higher Rates to LA DWP

Dry creek bed in O'Melveny Park, Granada Hills by Jodi
Dry creek bed in O'Melveny Park, Granada Hills by Jodi 02/01/09

For the third consecutive year, California is experiencing a drought, which led to the Governor to declare a state of emergency on February 27th. The proclamation contains several directives for reducing water consumption. The deficient water supply is taking a devastating toll on our agriculture industry and increasing the risk of another significantly destructive wildfire season.

The city of Los Angeles already has a conservation ordinance in place, which includes such rules as no watering the lawn between 9am and 4pm and no automatic service of water to restaurant patrons. To comply with the new state government regulations, the L.A. DWP is implementing “shortage¬† year water rates,” beginning June 1, 2009.

DWP charges are based on allocations for the amount of water households and businesses use. Every customer’s allotment is being cut by 15%. If you conserve and stay with reduced limit, you might see a decrease in your bill. If you exceed the limit, a premium price is charged for the overage. The L.A. DWP offers more information on rates and¬† tips for saving water on their website.

Share in the comments any actions you are currently taking to save water. Aside from taking shorter showers, I’m pretty sure I’ll have to do a lot more to see a significant difference in my bill.

7 thoughts on “Reduce Your Water Use By June 1st or Pay Higher Rates to LA DWP”

  1. I’m curious how this will affect apartment renters, since most apartments that I know of don’t charge water to tenants.

  2. I was an apartment dweller back in the early 90’s when we last faced this. We did everything needed as the landlord ultimately would be able to raise rents to cover the increased water fees if we didn’t cut back.

    Back then it was “Shower with a friend to save water”. STill works.

    With kids we have a rhyme to help them remember even though we aren’t in a community affected by this “if its brown flush it down, if its yellow let it mellow” to help save water.

  3. i know someone who has kids and lives in an apt building. those kids take baths with the water on continuously and drain open to keep it nice and warm. it pisses me off so much. finally i think i got through to them BUT they take like 3 baths a day between the 3 of them. UGH little bastards. Next time one of them asks me for some water Im goin to tell them to drink outta the toilet…..but only a little bit :)

  4. I need to try and convince my brother to stop doing dishes with the water on.

    The dishwasher in my apartment is so old that I never use it but if it’ll save water, then I might consider using it more.

    My landlord didn’t raise my rent this year, so I figure the least I can do is try and keep my share of the water costs down.

  5. I wish there was some way to tax those businesses/homes that have fountains or outdoor water features. Those seem like such a waste to me.

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