icme:desert wild flowers in bloom.


Prickly Poppy
Prickly Poppy

This weekend we ventured out to the desert, Palm Desert to be precise,  for basketball tournaments and marveled at the wild flowers in bloom no matter where we went.  Like Tammara we enjoyed a spectacular show of what nature gives us in spring in terms of wild unabashed color.  I even managed to get out and do a little shooting.

Some links to places to see desert wild flowers and of course chime in with your favorites too!

  1. Big Morongo Canyon Preserve.
  2. Pipes Canyon Pygoras.
  3. White Water Canyon.
  4. BLM Western Mojave.
  5. Desert Flowers USA.

The high desert areas like Barstow are about 2 weeks behind the low desert and are worth checking out as well.  Late March, early April is our favorite time to visit Calico Ghost Town to check out the flowers as well as marvel in the kitchy ghost town.  If you have little ones this is a great trip.  If you without kids the hike into Wall Street Canyon there is well worth your effort.

Fair warning.  Spring is also snake season.  If you are going out wear high topped hiking boots and thick jeans to minimize your bite risk.  Seriously, the most deadly snake in the western US resides here…the Mojave Green Rattlesnake and I’ve known only 1 person to have survived its bite.

Pic by me.  Post processed in the Orton style.

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