The Great Urban Race

So, there I was at around 1 pm this afternoon taking a nose dive onto the Red Line after nearly falling down the escalator in an effort to not miss it.  Like most Angelenos I try to be nonchalant and utterly unimpressed by everything no matter how odd.  However I failed completely as I was already managing my unceremonious entrance onto the metro.  It was too much to process that and the fact that there were a couple of girls dressed up like candy ravers out way past their bedtimes (assuming the club closed at 6 am).  I thought it was a sorority hazing or something until another couple came on board sporting racing numbers.  The only words I could make out were ‘urban race.’  

Throughout the rest of my trip I saw all kinds of wildly costumed people with a sense of urgency dashing about.  It looked like fun.

It turns out they were all participating in something called the Great Urban Race – a city wide scavenger hunt.  Teams of two were challenged to brain teasers, riddles and clues with the caveat that they may only travel about on foot or using public transportation.  (You can read more about it here on Yelp.  The main website doesn’t seem to work for me.)

I would have loved to do it but I didn’t hear so much as a peep about it.  Perhaps next time!

4 thoughts on “The Great Urban Race”

  1. I saw some of the participants on the red line this afternoon. Wondered what they were up to…

  2. This phenom, called Team Building Exercises, was rampant in San Francisco when I lived there in 2007. Corporations pay a lot of money for these firms that come in and create TBE’s for their employees to participate in and, hopefully, bond even greater and learn the importance of Team Work through scavenger hunts, etc. Sometimes they make them dress up in ridiculous costumes and ask complete strangers on the street odd, pre-scripted questions, the answer to which is designed to move them on to their next destination. It’s really quite annoying to be sitting in a North Beach cafe trying to enjoy your coffee or your Guinness and someone dressed as a leprechaun comes up and asks if you are Madame Woo. Quite annoying.

  3. “Like most Angelenos I try to be nonplussed” – why are most Angelenos confused?

    Or are you confused over the meaning of nonplussed?

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