Spring Equinox Explodes on the 5

img_00271You know Spring has arrived when you drive up the 5  from LA to San Francisco and you think you’re in Ireland.

Usually, the route  is a brown dismal landscape.  Not this weekend!  My fabulous Man Dan and  I took a trip up north and everywhere you looked,  the land was a riot of color.  Orange bursts of  California Poppies were layered with soft violets from all the lupine.

The hills, usually craggy and rocky, are now covered with soft grass, rolling hills as far as your eye can see.  Further north, the fields are covered with peach and almond trees drenched with pink and white blossoms.

The only downside was the carnage we created as we zoomed by at 70 MPH.  Our windshield became a butterfly death ray.  Nevertheless, it was an awesome ride.

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