Grilled Cheese

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For some of us grilled cheese is a comfort food with a type of built-in response that harkens to a safe time in our lives.  It’s up there with the scent of vanilla or coffee in the morning with regards to a cultural Pavlovian response.  So it is no surprise that two different restaurants are serving it up as a kind of ‘stimulus plan.’

Over at The Edison, grilled cheese, tomato soup and 35 cent cocktails have been part of their ‘Soup Kitchen’ every Friday from 5-7 pm.  All proceeds for that cleverly tailored happy hour type promotion go toward the Midnight Mission – the oldest operating human services organization in Los Angeles.

Recently, Ivan Kane’s Cafe W as added a slew of promotions from discounted flask service (offered in paper bags) to the grilled cheese with fries.  Granted, it’s $10, which seems a bit out of touch with the spirit of giving people a break.  You can get a grilled cheese at Denny’s for $6.15.  But, unlike Denny’s, a Cafe W as grilled cheese and fries (only served on Mondays) is presented in a brown paper bag.

9 thoughts on “Grilled Cheese”

  1. Also, Campanile has been doing grilled cheese night every Thursday for years. Granted, it’s expensive (~$15?), but I suppose it’s “not your average grilled cheese” (as the phrase goes), and it’s cheaper than their regular menu.

  2. I love grilled cheese, but what’s going on with the kid in the advertisement above? She’s a little creepy.

  3. Grilled cheese and fries with a cup of Campbell’s Tomato soup and a tall glass of Coke in a fountain glass at the Woolworth’s lunch counter … a long-distant and warm childhood memory.

  4. That picture is awesome, though it does seem as if the young lady is almost maniacally coveting a bite out of the hand that feeds her more than the grilled cheese sammie.

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