Special election next Tuesday connects to Prop 8

Curren Price
Curren Price

Yes, another election in Los Angeles, and this time there’s a Prop 8 angle.

Next Tuesday, March 24th, is the special primary election for selecting the Democratic candidate in the coming race for CA State Senator from District 26, which covers a large area of central Los Angeles. Map here.

Curren Price is the only leading candidate who supports same-sex marriage, and who, as a State Assembly member representing Assembly District 51, co-authored a resolution to overturn Prop 8. Now, he’s running for State Senate and he needs your vote.

And surprise, hipsters and Hollywood liberal elite! Your neighbors in District 26 overwhelmingly voted YES ON PROP 8, which denied same-sex couples the right to marry.

Equality CA is operating phone banks at their Silver Lake office every day until next Tuesday in an effort to educate voters. Contact Conrado Terrazas, campaign organizer, at [email protected], 323-661-2071 ext. 206 for more information.

Find your polling place here.

And vote! 

(Thanks, Frazgo! Also, Will Campbell weighed in recently on the growing number of LA elections vs. dwindling turnout. )

9 thoughts on “Special election next Tuesday connects to Prop 8”

  1. There are three frontrunners as I see it at this point: Price, Mike Davis and Robert Cole in a field of something like 8 candidates. Odds are we’ll have a run-off in May, my guess would be between two of these three.

  2. Districts are drawn so oddly. I’m not in this district but people on my street are. I just happen to live in a small notch carved out on 7th street. I’m telling my friend/neighbor to vote, though, and going phone banking in Silver Lake.

  3. Can we please have a special election to overturn special elections? And while we’re at it, let’s sponsor a ballot initiative to to throw out the ballot initiative process.

  4. And by the way, I’m all for overturning Prop 8, so yes everybody, please vote. But I just don’t think it’s right that Prop 8 ever made it on to the ballot in the first place. Methinks we need a tad more oversight in this state.

  5. Mike, I absolutely don’t want the initiative process removed or taken away from us. It gives us the regular folks a chance to control our environment when the bums in Sac won’t act how we want.

    Prop 8 was an abomination but we still can’t toss out a good process just because a bad one makes it through. The bad ones the supreme court steps in and fixes or removes which is what I hope happens with 8.

  6. Frazgo, Prop 8 is PROOF that the porocess is broken. If there was a baby in that bathwater, it died a long time ago.

  7. The initiative process has made our state ungovernable. We have term limits so strict that our assembly is powerless next to lobbyists. We have an unworkable 2/3rds majority requirement for a budget. We make medical decisions (like abortion and medical marijuana) based on popular will, not medical advice. We have Prop 13, bankrupting our state. We have unfunded spending mandates, further bankrupting our state. We lock up 85% of the budget through ballot initiatives, tell the assembly that they can’t raise taxes, they can’t cut spending and then complain they can’t get a balanced budget.

    The initiative process is complete garbage that wrongly assumes we have an educated, engaged electorate.

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