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March 17, 2009 at 8:37 pm in Classic Eats, East Side, Food & Drink

Scooting down Hyperion after work I noticed a pizza joint I have never seen before called “Tomato Pie.” Hungry from ritual starvation, I pulled up their web site as soon as I got home. After impatiently scanning the online menu, bombarded with more options than I expected, my stomach began to groan with anticipation. Tomato Pie’s menu boasts “east coast flavor” pizzas, pastas (hot and cold), salads, subs, desserts, there is really so much to choose from that I couldn’t decide so I called them up to ask what they suggest.

The Grandma from Tomato Pie

The Grandma from Tomato Pie

Another surprise. I totally expected the phone to be answered by an apathetic clock puncher who would be openly annoyed with all of my questions. However, the guy who took my call was friendly and helpful, taking his time to assist me with my virgin Tomato Pie experience. I later found out that his name is Freddy and, along with partner Garrett, runs the joint.

ME: “What do you think is the best thing on the menu?”

FREDDY: “Our most popular item by far is the Grandma.”

The Grandma is a pizza topped with crushed marinated tomatoes over an olive oil base with fresh garlic, basil, oregano, light whole milk mozzarella and parmesan cheese.

ME: “Do you take credit cards?”

They do, and they deliver too. To round out my sampling, I also ordered the spaghetti with marinara and a side salad. Now all I needed was someone to share all this food with. It’s a good thing I have so many freeloading friends.

ME: “With so many pizza joints in the neighborhood, what makes Tomato Pie stand out?”

FREDDY: “Our crust is awesome, which you will see when you taste the Grandma. We don’t use cheap ingredients, we make our dough fresh daily, and our prices are very reasonable.”

Spaghetti w/Sicilian-Style Marinara from Tomato Pie

Spaghetti w/Sicilian-Style Marinara from Tomato Pie

I agree. Here is a break down of the cost of my meal:

The Grandma pizza (small): $11.00

Small mixed green salad (Tomato Pie’s side salad is actually a very fresh and generously topped salad, not like the cheap wilted lettuce jobs most places call a side salad): $1.50

Spaghetti w/Sicilian-style marinara (the pasta was perfectly al dente and the sauce, while not the absolute best I’ve ever had, was miles tastier than Palermo’s and comes with a pair of garlic knots which I promptly inhaled before I even opened the spaghetti): $6.50

The Grandma truly exceeded my expectations. The crust was perfectly chewy but not too chewy, thin, but not too thin, and above all, you could really taste the freshness of every ingredient. Nothing like my grandma at all. All-in-all, a very affordable and delicious dinner for two. Delivery was prompt (hello mega cute delivery guy) and Freddy even threw in a free slice of chocolate cheesecake. Now THIS is the neighborhood pizza joint I have been looking for. Bravo, guys!

Tomato Pie Pizza Joint, 2547 Hyperion Ave, Silver Lake, 90027, 323.661.6474, http://www.tomatopiepizzajoint.com

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