Tonight’s LA shows: Win tix to Primal Scream or Simian Mobile Disco


Get ready to be hung over tomorrow. Tonight’s rock shows in LA will keep you WOOOOOO!!!!-ing in the audience into the wee hours.

Primal Scream brings their iconic rock’n’roll to Club Nokia with supporting local act the Brian Jonestown Massacre, and nu-dance electro-rock act Simian Mobile Disco should get the Fonda bumpin’.

Wanna go? Leave a comment below telling me which show you wanna see & why. We’ll randomly pick a few winners.

6 thoughts on “Tonight’s LA shows: Win tix to Primal Scream or Simian Mobile Disco”

  1. I wanna go see simian mobile disco cuz my art damaged friends won’t shut up about them so I wanna go check it out.

  2. I want to see Primal Scream and BJM so I can relive my wasted youth and regain that glorious ringing in my ears! Hell yeah!

  3. i have to get my boyfriend into see primal scream so that he will love me forever and we can share some sketchy moments of our misspent youth and have a really hard time getting up in the morning……oh yea and maybe he’ll kiss me on the head too!!!!!t PLEEEEAAASE!!!!!!!????? HOW INCREDIBLY GAY DOES THIS EMAIL SOUND???? NO KIDDING REALLY…….PRIMAL SCREAM !!

  4. hey, i’d love the simian mobile disco tickets because i worked as a PA (lowly paid grunt) on a music video for their song Hustler a couple years ago. it’s the one with the models eating junk food in slo-mo. also, i got the day off from work today after a long, loonggg weekend spent in the office. soooo, you know….

  5. ok so i ride my bike to work to save money on gas i can’t afford to pay rent and i think that i deserve to be able to do somethinggreat for me and my guy and i might just continue to send these incredible annoying comment’s to you until i win….or maybe not but i gotta say i will make sure i look incredibly cute if i end up going….

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