Monrovia Police Department Sued – Again for #5


UPDATE 3/14/09 Pasadena Star News has an article on this newest suit that also enumerates some of the settlements paid to date to officers who successfully sued the city.  They also have a link to the full suit if you want to read to satisfy your prurient interests.

Dear City of Monrovia.   Please quit pissing away my tax dollars.  Wake up.  

You have a far bigger problem than you realize.  Something is wrong when a department of 52 +/- depending on how the wind blows, when in less than 2 years you have 5 suits for racial discrimination and civil rights statutes.  (For those of you counting 1 officer has sued the city twice and their lame ass defense in a cross-complaint was “being held to public ridicule” based on posts I have done here.  Lame).

Dear Scott Ochoa (city manager) please get the priorities right.  Human rights and dignity first.  Next remember we in the city want strong police and fire, these suits tell us you aren’t giving us the former.  Fix it so we don’t keep having to spend great sums of money on suits with merit.  We can’t afford it, we certainly can find better things to do with the money.

Hat tip to RCJP over at the Foothill Cities Blog who broke the story earlier today.  Read his post for the details on the suit itself.