LA on your iPhone

Have you ever tried searching for Los Angeles in the iTunes App Store?


I did it sort of by accident and was shocked to see so many options. I picked up LA Traffic Cam because the idea of having all those traffic cams in LA streaming right to my phone just seemed kind of fun. The reality is a bit less glamorous – the video is very choppy and 4/5 cams are offline every time I look. There’s also no shortage of Map apps, but I grabbed Mappity Los Angeles because it seemed to be the most comprehensive. Most people I know carry around Thomas Guides in their car, so having that level of map available regardless of data connection seemed like it might come in handy. There’s a lot of travel guides too, which not being someone who is visiting LA but rather one who has lived here for many many many years are all but useless to me. Also some stuff for sportsfans. Of course these are just the apps with “Los Angeles” in their name, anyone found anything less obvious that comes in handy around LA?

3 thoughts on “LA on your iPhone”

  1. I was amused to see a Thomas Guide in a friend’s car recently. It was like unearthing a fossil!

  2. I love my thomas guide, 1996 edition, no good in the Santa Clarita area anymore but for core LA it is just fine.

    What I would like to see though is a metblogs app for the “I” phone and touch where folks could get the stream that way. Would that not be cool, first big blog with its own “I”app.

  3. I use Thomas guide and love it, torn paper danger and all. I also like other quaint activities, such as writing paper checks, driving a stick shift, and balancing the federal budget.

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