Neil Strauss book release & how to get in on the action

This book might just save your life indeed.

Neil Strauss aka Style, the LA author who changed the lives of single people looking for love forever with his books The Game & Rules of the Game has a new book out. This new title, Emergency: This Book Will Save Your Life hit the shelves earlier this week. And while The Game was about getting some ass, this one is quite literally about saving it. Neil has spent the past 3 years training to turn himself into a one man survival machine. ‘Emergency’ is his story of learning how to track people and animals to living off the land to learning to fly and ride motorcycles and many many other skills. I’m almost finished reading it so I won’t spoil the ending but what I will say is if you live in Los Angeles you should read this book because there are some basic lessons on surviving ‘when the shit hits the fan’ that we all could take away from it.

In the book Neil takes a course on Urban Escape and Evasion from the New Jersey based OnPoint Tactical. A group who specializes in training members of the military, law enforcement, and government security contractors but also has courses for us civies too. The same course that Neil took in the book, Urban Escape and Evasion, is being offered next week here in LA and a few of us Metbloggers have already signed up. We’re looking forward to learning about lock picking, escaping from car trunks as well as blending into any urban environment. Sean, Burns! and I will be there and last time we checked there were a few spots still open so if this sounds interesting to you at all I’d recommend signing up for this class too – once the book is on the shelves a little longer I suspect these classes will be full full full. Plus, you’ll get to take it with us!

And if that’s not enough fun Neil is having a Book Signing here in LA tomorrow night.

Friday, March 13th at 7:00 PM
H.Wood Club in the Hollywood and Highland Complex
1738 N. Orange Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90028 Рmap

More information about the signing can be found on Neil’s site. I hear talk that Neil may be bringing a live Wolf with him. With the huge fanbase he has here in LA I’d suggest showing up EARLY. It’s bound to be quite the shindig.

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  1. I don’t need no book or course. I watched all the episodes of MacGyver. Twice. Yeah, first I’m gonna blow open that bank vault with this candied yam, ….

  2. I’m with Lucinda on this one. Too rich for my blood. It looks super-awesome, but not as awesome as not starving.

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