Time Warner Cable prices to increase

I am a valued customer to Time Warner Cable in Los Angeles, so they afforded me due respect today by notifying me, via mail, of their latest round of price increases starting in April.

But with the deluge of grim economic news lately, in their keen sensitivity to my feelings, TWC didn’t want me to think I am not valued, so they avoided the word, “increase,” replacing it with the much more respectful, valued-y term, “adjustment.”

I only have broadcast cable, so my bill is only increasing being adjusted by eleven cents, but my internet service will change by two dollars– guess which direction.

Other services are being adjusted from $3 to $5 per month.

9 thoughts on “Time Warner Cable prices to increase”

  1. Funny, I just called this morning to cancel Showtime because well aside from Californication, the channel does little for me.

    Of course I waited forever, and to make me feel really terrific about my experience they mentioned a $1.75 fee I would see on my upcoming bill for the cancellation. Sweet!

  2. I’ve already been hit with this price adjustment when I lived in Silverlake. When I moved downtown a couple of weeks ago, the price came along with me. I wonder if I’ll be charged again?

    Despite almost everyone complaining about TW’s service, I actually have had the best luck from them. I only speak for the internet service, but there has been very very minimal downtime and the internet just gets faster and faster (I’m on the the best package available).

  3. I just cancelled those clowns because I’m moving, they just went
    up on my bill in January, good riddence TWC. BTW, I’m getting Charter
    next, from what I hear, they’re going Bankrupt, so I guess service
    will be just as bad. Oh what the hell.

  4. I have a 6 or 12 month promotional price after ordering phone, cable and Internet from TWC. After the promotion ends, I plan to negotiate for either an extension of the promotional price, or simply a better price than whatever the full, newly increased price is. If they don’t want to do that, I will either downgrade my service, or simpy threaten to leave and go to the competition. Services from TWC are neither utilities nor necessities. If we don’t like their prices, we’re free to leave. If enough people do that, may they’ll think twice about trying to force through those price increases.

  5. Echoing Matt’s comment: I have TWC internet, but don’t get the bundle price because I have no land-line phone and get tv though DirecTV. No matter. I’ve negotiated with TWC for years. Every 6-12 months I call customer service and mention that a competitor is offering a better price. By the time I’m done asking why I should stay, they’ve offered me a “promotional” rate for the next 6-12 months. Just ask; they’ll hook you up.

  6. They always seem to raise rates right after a month of service outages. Luckily, I only have their internet, I have friends who’ve been without phone, TV and cable for days.

    Burns, thanks for the hot tip on pricing!

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