ICME: 9/11 Conspiracy Theorists

9-11=Controlled Demolitions
9-11=Controlled Demolitions

I spotted this group of demonstrators at the corner of Los Feliz and Riverside on my way home from work this afternoon. There was also a guy holding a sign and shouting at drivers on the southwest corner of the intersection. I don’t think I’ve seen protesters at  this location very often. I’m usually entertained on this drive by the Saturday afternoon Quinceañera photo shoots by the big fountain.

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  1. i saw them packaging up dvd’s at petes today for lunch. Wish i would have known more to take a picture of it all happening.

  2. Good god. I’m solidly on the left, love a good demonstration, and distrust government power…but WTF are these people hoping to accomplish?

    They’re not the same people, but you hear a lot of similar arguments from the man interviewed in a segment on a past This American Life episode that argues that the London subway and bus bombings were an inside conspiracy. Listen to the hell that one survivor of the subway bombings went through when she tried to argue against them:

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