For Sake’s Sake: LTSC’s Sake Tasting Night

Sake Scene
Scenic Sake

Sorry, that title was a bad visual pun.  That aside, my friend just alerted me to the Little Tokyo Service Center’s “Mystery of Sake: Jizake Investigation” sake and food tasting night on April 23 at the California Science Center.   Drawing its theme the Science Center’s limited-time-only “CSI: The Experience” exhibit, the event will give you a very rare opportunity to play Scully as you finally make use of your forensic analysis skills to deconstruct the exhibit’s crime scenes – all while under the helpful influence of copious sake pours.  Even Scully needed a glass or two here and there.

Along with the sake, you’ll also be privy to “gourmet hors d’oeuvres” from various restaurants and vendors.   Just to get a taste of the selection, last year’s event drew the likes of Maison Akira and Water Grill.  This year, Maison Akira is confirmed, and there are one or two other fantastic places that are in the works.

Tickets are, ahem, $60 each; splurging on the $100 VIP ticket will get you “higher end sake,” which, for a sake novice like me, sounds either like an awesome idea or a bad one.  VIPs will get exclusive access to tasting menus created by Andy Nakano (chef of the former Jozu restaurant on Melrose), and, because this is LA, Hollywood-style gift bags (which, ideally, will recoup some of that extra $40 you shelled out for the VIP pass).  This is a fairly popular event – tickets sold out last year – so I’d get on it stat.

Funds raised will go to benefit the Little Tokyo Service Center, which presumably will apply the monies towards adapting to Little Tokyo’s rapidly changing environment.  Hello, giant Korean-owned supermarket.

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