Crescent Heights Rabbit Redux

Some of you folks might remember my Dances With Rabbits post last December when, while biking home from work five days before Christmas, I was surprised to discover a white rabbit loose curbside on Crescent Heights Boulevard south of Olympic in the South Carthay neighborhood and ended up capturing timelapse video of myself goofily but in the end successfully catching up the critter on my bike’s handlebar cam:


Well it’s been a couple months since I’d last seen what I learned that night from the owner’s roommate was anĀ  intentionally free-ranging bunny, and while my positive side hoped its absence was a sign its previously irresponsible peeps had wised the hell up and secured the animal, my realistic side figured it had ultimately been left to roam the streets and was now pushing up the grass blades it had previously nommed.

bunnyThen last night while biking home, a few doors north of my original encounter I spied a fuzzy snowball chowing down on the parkway greenery and thought well don’t beat all: cottontail didn’t kick the bucket. Stopping, I snapped a couple pix (the one at right is clickable), told the urban bunny tale to a passing couple — remarking at how much larger it had gotten — and moved on.

It was only after getting home and reviewing the pix that I realized: totally different rabbit. The one in December was snow white and had ears that stood up, whereas this one’s are lopped and its coat and tail has a darker tinge to it.

This of course begs some questions: is this a replacement obtained by the owner of the first one? Is it another Crescent Heights resident’s? Am I entirely out of the loop in just now discovering a long-entrenched westside street bunny subculture? The queries could multiple… like rabbits. But I’m not sure I want to know the answers.

4 thoughts on “Crescent Heights Rabbit Redux”

  1. I remember the original post. Have you ever pondered there may be a feral rabbit colony existing in South Carthay and you may have happened upon the offspring of your bunny friend you encountered in December? Be wary, feral bunnies can be ferocious.

  2. I believe the last feral rabbits were located behind the fence of the La Brea tar pits.

    Other “feral” rabbits dwell down south in Orange County where the neighborhood is considering an official trapper…

    I suppose a free range rabbit would be quite tasty…

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