Classic Eats #4: Save The Date

classiceatsClassic Eats #3 was another fun evening, thanks to all who made it to Tiki Ti and to Taix! Nice to see previous attendees plus new Classic Eaters! The crazy tropical drinks were a hoot and if you haven’t been, I think everyone who was there would recommend going and would also recommend going *early* to make sure there is enough room to hoist that cocktail. And for fans of moules, we were not disappointed by Taix.

Ready your calendars: Classic Eats #4 will be on Saturday April 4. How easy will that be to remember? Pretty easy. We look out for you here at Los Angeles Metblogs. Look for another post within a week that will have a poll and we’ll vote on where Classic Eats will hit next.

Oh and next time I’ll remember to bring my camera. If anyone has photos from the evening, please share!

See you on the 4th!

4 thoughts on “Classic Eats #4: Save The Date”

  1. Next time, I gotta get less shy and take pics of everyone attending, and not just the places we visit.

    4/4 sounds good, I don’t think I have anything else I have to do that day. It’s my mission at least to make an appearance at every event!

  2. Sadly (okay only a little,) on 4/4 I shall be in Amsterdam. I’ll lift a beer (or, you know…something) in a toast to the Classic Eaters. I know y’all will have a great time.

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