Free Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs for L.A. DWP Customers

cfl_philipsEven if you didn’t get a free CFL for recycling a Christmas tree, you might still be in luck. The DWP is going door-to-door to its L.A. residential customers to give out compact fluorescent light bulbs. CFLs reduce energy costs while giving off the same amount of light as traditional incandescents. They last longer and use less fossil fuel produced electricity, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

I already use several of these in my home and will happily accept two more for free. My biggest complaint about the ones I have is that they take several seconds to “warm up” and emit their full light. I’ve read that some can take up to 3 minutes, but you can get CFLs now that have an “instant on” feature.

One other important note is that like all fluorescent bulbs, these do contain a small amount of mercury, so special care needs to go into disposal and clean up if one breaks. Both the City and County of Los Angeles offer hazardous materials recycling. If it’s more convenient, you can take them to any Home Depot.

I’m still waiting. Have you received your free compact fluorescents yet?

12 thoughts on “Free Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs for L.A. DWP Customers”

  1. I got mine (Silverlake) about three weeks ago.

    I don’t mind the “warm up” aspect – especially when I’ve turned on a light in a dark room, my eyes adjust with them.

  2. Mt Washington/Highland Park: No, nothing yet…but will they leave them if there’s no one home? I’ve been using them already for a couple years. Some stores had greatly reduced prices on them (underwritten by some gov’t agency, usually)so I stocked up. I don’t like the fact you can’t use them with a dimmer (like the lights on my ceiling fans) but for the rest they’re ok.
    I do hope the ones they’re giving out are NOT like the ones you show…can’t find the article now but I do remember reading that the ones with the coils exposed do emit more radiation that the ones that look like incandescent bulbs (double shielding). If they’re giving out the exposed coil ones I don’t want them.
    Also: most CFLs have been made in China…I do hope DWP is buying US made ones…

  3. I became a LADWP customer about a month ago, and I think I missed their pass through Silver Lake with the freebies. Damn!

    That said, I also stocked up on CFLs a couple of years ago when they were being underwritten by Southern California Edison, so I’ve got them in most fixtures, as well as some back stock.

    BTW, gabriele360, although I may be mistaken, I was in either Home Depot or OSH within the last couple of days and I’m fairly certain I saw dimmable CFLs. Of course, I think they were still the exposed coil/made in China kind.

  4. Yep, we got ours in Silver Lake more than a month ago. I can also bear witness to the block of Culver Drive south of Ballona Creek in between Inglewood Avenue and Mesmer (Mar Vista? Del Rey?) getting theirs last week. I biked by and on every doorway/gate porch along that block hung the brown bags.

    On the Christmas tree recycling tip: this year I was bummed not to be rewarded with a CFL. I figured it was budgetary in nature, but maybe there was hoarding going on in prep for this giveaway.

  5. I guess they just haven’t made it to my neighborhood yet.

    I overlooked the date on the Christmas tree post and thought it was from this past January. Oops.

  6. I’m sorry, but lets call this what it actually is. A huge waste of rate payer money for a make work project. 1. most people that I’ve spoken with in my neighborhood already have converted to CFLs and since they last forever, neither I nor my neighbors have any immediate use for these additional bulbs. 2. I recently read(and unfortunately can’t find the link) that it cost DWP over $30 to create these little packages and deliver them to your door (just think of how many bulbs you could have purchased with $30 of your DWP bill rebated back to you if you needed them). Finally, this little DWP project is insulting. It says to L.A. rate payers that you’re to stupid to realize the value of CFLs on your own. You need DWP to purchase them for you and hand deliver them to your front door. I’m sorry, but this project is a huge waste just like the 100s of dead trees for a Green L.A. I see all over my neighborhood and in the San Vicente median.

  7. Some of the CFL lights don’t have to be burned out to be needed to change. I Changed a friend’s CFL bulb because it was flickering too much. So much so that it gave me a headache.

    We also uninstalled a ceiling light with CFL. Some customers don’t like the color shade that it gives off in a bathroom.

  8. I got 2 of them about a month ago. installed one in a regular lamp and it has already gone dead! that seems very strange since i have others that have been going for years…we’ll see how long the other one lasts. can it be they are faulty or cheap?

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