ICME: Bad Pun

I LOVE good puns.  LOVE.  I was at Wahoo’s Fish Tacos with work colleagues last week, and someone said a gem.  To fully appreciate this jewel, you have to understand Wahoo’s interior decor: the joint is plastered indiscriminately with stickers, as if that little girl you knew in first grade who coated her three-ring binder with Hello Kitty stickers grew up and actually found a way to make money off of her talent.  At Wahoo’s, my colleague took a long look around and said “Sticker shock.”  If we hadn’t already paid for our lunches, I would have bought him his burrito.  The pun was that good.

Now, the pun that is the subject here is a totally different story.  As with all puns, context is important.   For this pun, you need to know: 1) my office building is located in something called Watt Plaza; and 2) Watt Plaza is undergoing a lot of unnecessary construction.  Ready?

Watt's going on

“WATT”‘s going on?”?  For whatever reason, the eyeballs make it to the back of the head a little faster here than they did with “sticker shock.”  When a pun is good, it’s great; when it’s not, it’s painful.  Oof.

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