Cupcake Central In NoHo

During a walk to the bank through the Noho Arts District yesterday I passed a tiny little shop selling those super fancy cupcakes.  I’ve heard of this trend of gourmet cupcakes cropping up across the country and in various parts of Los Angeles but I had yet to stumble upon such a place in the flesh.  So, yes, I’m a little late to the phenomenon (I have yet to ever eat a Crispy Kreme Doughnut too), one that has been covered quite a bit here on LA Metblogs.  With all that in mind, this is mostly for everyone else out there like me who hasn’t spent the last few years becoming a cupcake aficionado.

I’m not remotely cheap in nature and will put down quite a bit of cash for certain items.  Cupcakes have a very iconic place in my mind but as a kid’s treat or something you bake for family events.  The idea of spending $3.50 for a baked good I used to sell for 50 cents at school fundraisers seems nuts.  I can go into any grocery store in town and buy six cupcakes for just a little more money.  But curiosity (and an excuse to spoil my boyfriend) got the better of me.  I entered Cupcake Central NoHo and began my journey into a new world.

The girls working in the little shop were incredibly kind, attentive and charming.  The cupcakes themselves were larger than anything my mom would bake and topped with sinful assortments of confectionery.  I was drawn instantly to the chocolate monster daring me to shove it in my face but I was there for someone else and ended up with a lemon cupcake.  The lovely girls packaged it carefully in a special cupcake box made to keep it stable during travel and not sliding about, smudging the sides with precious frosting.  I hadn’t even tasted it yet and I was already impressed.

So, is a $3.50 cupcake good?  Hell yeah!  It tasted homemade with fresh ingredients rather than mass produced generic sweetness.  It was also large enough to share between two people.  In an instant, I understood the madness.  I have a bad feeling I will be unable to resist more visits when I’m walking around the Arts District.

If you’d like to check them out yourself, they are located at 5227 Lankershim Blvd in North Hollywood.  Be sure to get there before all the good flavors sell out.  While it’s a relatively new shop the word is spreading fast.

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