A Midwesterner’s View of Los Angeles

bobsbigboyRecently, an old friend came to Southern California, including the Los Angeles area, from Northern Illinois, for business and some R&R.  Here are the impressions that he relayed to me:

–The weather is “gorgeous.”  Yuh, that’s a big reason why I moved here.  I did not want to tell him that these are among the coldest days and nights we’ve had this season. 

–The vanilla shakes at Bob’s Big Boy in Temecula are “great.”  However, the shrimp stir fry with said vanilla shake, “not so good.”

–The women are “thin” and “beautiful.”  Yuh, see response re: weather.

–The gelato on the Third Street Promenade is “very pricey.”

–“Did you see that guy’s jacket?  It had all kind of crazy shapes on it.”

–(Upon seeing a young woman with a t-shirt for a dress, which barely covered her ass): “No, I don’t see that in Northern Illinois.”

–(Upon seeing a long procession of classic low-riders drive and park on the Santa Monica Pier): “No, I don’t see that in Northern Illinois either.”

–“I love it here.  I want to move here.  But my wife and children don’t want to hear about it.”

Purchases include:

1 Bob’s Big Boy bobblehead

1 Pair “old skool” Adidas from retro shoe shop in Manhattan Beach

1 Panasonic Portable DVD player from Costco (for plane ride back)

1 DVD “Sideways”

1 DVD “Walk the Line”

1 pricey gelato

And one good time in Southern California.

(Photos taken by Midwest Friend with Blackberry)

5 thoughts on “A Midwesterner’s View of Los Angeles”

  1. This is interesting. As a native, I’m sure that I often take things for granted that a visitor might see as noteworthy. Always nice to see our world through fresh eyes.

  2. Fun post! I’ve lived in LA for eight years now, but I grew up around the suburbs of Chicago, so I was reared in the same flat, cold, boring, fat environment your friend is from.

    Every observation your friend made is spot-on from a midwesterner’s point of view! Not a day goes by in my life here that I don’t smile and think “Ah, it’s wonderful to live here!”

    Perhaps it was the specific places and experiences your friend had, but I’m surprised he didn’t make a comment about the ethnic and cultural diversity of El Lay. That’s one of the most striking aspects of life here. You go to Chicago and it’s whites and some blacks and a sprinkling of everyone else. And don’t even talk about some other big U.S. cities. But here in LA, we truly are multi-cultural. And the damnedest thing about it is: We just take it for granted. As we should. That’s truly multi-cultural.

    Ride on!

  3. Losfelizrider makes a great point. I’ve spent some time in Chicago, but it was even more apparent during the summer I worked in Michigan. There were blacks and whites, a (very small) handful of other races, and for the most part, they didn’t mix. Having grown up in L.A. where my friends and acquaintances have always looked like a Skittles bag of different colors and flavors, it was a little shocking. I’ve got to imagine that the flip-side of that would occur to a mid-western visitor, given enough time to notice it here.

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