Found: The Best Espresso In Los Angeles!

img_01831Like zillions of other humanoids, I’m a coffee addict.  And I’m fussy about my beans….not just any coffee will do.  For maximum happiness,  it must be a perfectly pulled Espresso culled from a rich organic roast, preferably with a smooth finish. If I’m opting for a Latte…. I want a good creamy foam and a sweet design on top.  I could bore you with my preferences, or just move to Italy, but instead I’m gonna tell you where I found the perfect cup.

I was meeting a friend on Tujunga in Studio City and we were set to meet at Aroma, but it was packed, so we walked a block down the street and found perfection at the new Gelato Bar & Expresso Caffe. (okay, new to me, it’s been open a year or so).   I innocently ordered and sat down.  Joel Guttman, the owner was behind the counter and brought me one of the BEST espresso’s I’ve had in Los Angeles.  Wow.

I came back the next morning.  And I don’t live close by.  I ordered a latte and was blown away.  So ordered a feta cheese pie, which was home-made and super yummy.  Then broke down and had a Gelato.  I was a very happy girl.

In talking with Joel and Gail, the husband and wife team who co-own this piece of heaven,  I found out they get the beans from Ecco, up in Sonoma County.  Ecco is a small boutique roaster, known for its brilliant, fair-trade organic beans.  They also have the very exclusive Synesso Cyncra machine to make the stuff.  Since only a few places in LA have this machine… Intelligentsia, Caffe Luxxe… you get the drill, quality stuff, I was impressed!

But the real reason the place rocks is because these two  really  care about what they serve.  Everything is of the highest quality.  Made in small artisan batches…. their croissants are like the ones I find in Paris and their Gelato…. well, it’s simply divine.  I know I’m gushing.  But it’s rare to find such a cute place to hang, eat and be happy!

They are at 4342 1/2 Tujunga Blvd between Moorepark and Ventura in Studio City, open from 8-10 (11 on weekends).  If you like coffee, check it out.  Oh!  And there’s free Wi-Fi too.

7 thoughts on “Found: The Best Espresso In Los Angeles!”

  1. I stumbled upon this place the same way. We walked to Aroma Cafe and the crowd scared me away, so we got some pastries and coffee from Gelato Bar. This place has spoiled me for espresso. I had my second cup ever here, and it has not been the same since. The gelatto is delicious but a small cup will do, it’s so flavorful and sweet. Wonderful ambience, too!

  2. No kidding, as good as paris, does that include chocolate croissants? Those with a cup of coffee is my absolute favorite way to start the morning in Paris. I’m in, I actually have to be that way in a few days.

  3. Unfortunately, I have not seen chocolate croissants there yet! I could be wrong though, if you don’t hit the place early enough, all the croissants are gone, so the chocolates may be the first to go. They are so cool that if you asked them to make chocolate ones, they probably would. And yes, they make the pastries there. Yum.

  4. Thanks for the tip, T. Since Aroma is always crowded, it’s good to have an alternative nearby. I’ve passed this place many times (on my way to Aroma) but never thought to just stop and try their brew.

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