Celebrate 20 yrs with 99 Cent Soul Food Buffet


First she was a Lakers Girl. Then she broke out and became Chef Marilyn. Forward 20 years she’s giving LA a present for her big cookery anniversary. “99 Cent Soul Food Buffet” with a whole slew of new stuff on top of her regular menu.  “99 Cent Gumbo” got my attention but per the vid we can expect a lot of creole treats as well as traditional ‘weezeeanna soul food cooked up special for this weekend.

Chef Marilyn’s Soul Food Express in South LA is celebrating March 6,7,8 from 6AM to midnight (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) with a 99 cent only menu. That’s right, huge fillets of baked catfish, smothered oxtail and collard greens are just some of the entrees for this anniversary.

Special thanks to Billy aka “99 Cent Chef” for the heads up and his own thoughts on the matter. “…and who but The 99 Cent Chef takes you into the heart and soul of Chef Marilyn’s unique Los Angeles temple to budget Southern and Creole gastronomy. She also shares, in a 99 Cent Chef video exclusive, all the “extra” off-menu dishes she has in store for anniversary celebrants and how she came up with the 99 cent menu concept; hint – think egg rolls. Welcome to my neighborhood, and view the video to see how Chef Marilyn and The 99 Cent Chef roll — South of the 10 Freeway!”

Details: March 6, 7, 8 2009, 6AM – midnight, Chef Marilyn’s Soul Food Express, 2638 Crenshaw Blvd, Los Angeles (just south of the 10).

4 thoughts on “Celebrate 20 yrs with 99 Cent Soul Food Buffet”

  1. Frazgo, since it is kind of in your hood, perhaps you can tell me what the deal is……On Duarte around Myrtle I think, well right past the cemetary on Duarte a couple days of the week I see an easy-up with people cooking and large signs that say “Southern fried catfish and chicken.” Have you seen this? Have you stopped by? Its in an odd location, like in front of an auto body shop or something of the sort. I just wondered what the deal was with this food stand. Thanks in advance for your help. I might add there is also sometimes a large man dressed, well in a 70’s pimp outfit, if you will. Not that there is anything wrong with that, of course.

  2. Mmmmmm.. Love this place! I highly recommend the hot links. Forget your diet and check it out.

  3. Lezgull, lower case “f” please as I have no pretentions.

    I noticed it the other day just haven’t had the chance to check it out. IT might be the soul food place that opened and closed very quickly and was replaced with a mexican take out by the bicycle shop. When I get the details I’ll share here or in an email to you.

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