Please Love Me

Hello Metblogs Community,

I’m thrilled to join the madcap Los Angeles Metblogs team and hope you will relate to whatever it is I decide to contribute each week. My posts will likely be about shopping around Los Angeles, things chicks might like, innocent gossip and tips on the best bars to pick up the dudes (please let me know if you have any leads). Maybe I’ll even drop some names of people you don’t know and drop some mad cash in your store – so look out! I’m a coming!

(Photo courtesy of Courtenay Gasking)
(Photo courtesy of Courtenay Gasking)

On the personal side, I moved to Los Angeles from Atlanta in 2003 where I received a B.A. in Communications from Oglethorpe University. I’m left handed, have a motorcycle license and enjoy vintage clothes, good scotch and bad poker players sitting on the other side of the table.

Thanks for having me. If you want to keep up with the mundane goings on in my life, I invite you to follow me on twitter.



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  1. Yay!

    P.S. Someone forgot to add “OBGYN” tag to go along with “Announcements, Community, Earthquakes”

  2. If you miss the ATL, here’s some “musts”

    The Chic-Fil-A in the South Bay Galleria is owned by a UGA alum, & they serve sweet. Speaking of sweet tea, they actually have a friggin Po Folks restaurant down in Buena Park. And there is good BBQ here, but you have to search for it- try Zeke’s on Santa Monica.

    The best correlations of Atlanta = LA
    Little Five Points = Los Feliz
    Buckhead (before it was torn down) = Hollywood Blvd.
    crappy Atlantic Station = the Grove
    The Majestic = Griddle Cafe
    Virginia Highlands = Larchmont
    The Varsity = Pinks (note: Pinks is gross)
    Marta = MTA
    Outside the Perimeter = The Valley
    The Fox = The Shrine
    Gridlock Traffic = Gridlock Traffic
    UGA football = USC football
    Peachtree Blvd. = Wilshire
    Piedmont Park = Griffith Park
    The Masquerade = The Troubadour
    Chattahoochie = L.A. concrete River
    World of Coke = Grauman’s Chinese Theater
    Georgia Aquarium = Venice Beach
    Stone Mountain = Santa Monica Beack & Pier

  3. Right on! Welcome, MissRFTC. Glad to see you here, too. Looking forward to hearing which bars the dudes get picked up in, because I am totally gonna hang out there. To get picked up. I’m not picking up dudes. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

  4. John Pemble, all the way from Iowa! I hope you come out to visit our fair city soon.

  5. Thanks, Eric. I will be counting on you to accompany me to various LA hot and cold spots for the blog. And special thanks to @lucindamichele for encouraging me to stretch beyond my comfortable bits.

  6. I just realized that “Ronin” is not a person. I meant, “Thanks, fittentrim!”

  7. Can I ask you a question? I’m gonna take that as a yes. I need a mid century dress for a mid century wedding in Palm Springs in 2 weeks. Could you point me in any direction??

  8. Elise, Wow, 2 weeks is so fast! Having never walked down the aisle, I’m a bit unschooled when it comes to vintage wedding wear. However, I might suggest contacting a few local vintage shops and asking them for leads. If you had more time, I’d suggest or other sites specializing in vintage wedding wear, but then you’d need time for alterations and such. For your fiance’, there is a high quality shop specializing in vintage mens’ clothing on Hollywood Blvd across from Cobras & Matadors called Jake Vintage. Good luck to you!

  9. Thanks. I’m actually a guest. So I just need some sort of garden dress, since it’s a morning wedding I’m thinking. I will definitely check the hollywood blvd place for the old man.
    Thanks again,

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