Freeway Preaching


This was spotted this morning between the 105 and 710 near LAX by Jason DeFillippo. I always find it interesting when one group of people trys to tell another what they can and can’t believe. It’s interesting to contrast that with this pro Atheism campaign which ran recently in London:


11 Replies to “Freeway Preaching”

  1. It’s hilarious how the pro-atheist message is so much kinder, when you consider what Christianity is supposed to stand for.
    Also, Darwin is the Church’s natural predator, what the fuck is he doing on that billboard?

  2. I saw that one this weekend too. Sorta made me think for just a second then I snickered.

    I’m a gnostic, I believe we are all good at heart, some just need a little guidance to go forth and do great things.

  3. Oy vey. I’m going to start a billboard campaign with the slogan: “Bible Thumper: Someone who believes humanity is the best an omnipotent being can do.”

    I’ve said it before. If this is intelligent design, I’m betting we were a beta test long ago abandoned for a world without free will.

  4. As long as one’s atheism isn’t named Terry Schiavo, I guess it’s ok to “pull the plug” on it.

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