Anarchy in the MDR

img_13851Taking a walk in my Marina del Rey neighborhood today, I ended up behind this orange-and-plaid-clad bloke with orange hair and multiple earrings.  He had just gotten off the bus with a few small bags of groceries.  I’ve seen him and his groceries here on the street before.  Although the beefier presence is deceptive, my grocery-toting neighbor is John Lydon, a/k/a Johnny Rotten, frontman for The Sex Pistols and the former Public Image Ltd.

Normally, I would never post about a “c-word” sighting.  What makes this newsworthy, however, is the incongruence of having Johnny Rotten, who made his name, his reputation, and his career on being angry and edgy more than on his musical talent or anything else, living in a place that is known for being laid-back and anything but angry and edgy.

The next time I run into John/Johnny, I will try to say hello, and ask him for an impromptu mini-interview.  I want to know whether he is now living an idyllic, anger-managed life by the sea.  Hopefully, he won’t lose his temper.

12 thoughts on “Anarchy in the MDR”

  1. I’m guessing carbon, but maybe he hasn’t mastered that Yank right side of the road thing.

  2. If you run into him again, you’ve definitely got to talk him into an interview. I’m terribly curious.

  3. He probably would be into it. Saw him performing in Vegas last year with the Sex Pistols and he’s still got it, and he’s a very interesting fellow.

  4. Uh, Lydon hasn’t had any credibility to a rebel image in quite a while. But it seems like he has fun with his image (the Sex Pistols, were, after all, cooked up by Malcolm McLaren as a sort of prank punk experiment)

    What grocery store was he coming from?

    Sadly, PiL “performing” “Poptones” and “Careering” on American Bandstand is not on YouTube. Here’s a old WFMU blog post; not sure if the video link still works:

  5. There’s intrigue there for what Lydon was, but I agree with Evan. The one I’d want asked (and the one sure to result in the kind of response bromike exkpects)is, “WTF were you thinking?” aka “What loanshark needed paying off so bad that you did the reality show “I’m A Celebrity, Now Get Me Out Of Here,” a few years ago?”

  6. I agree that he seems to be having fun with his image, so perhaps living in the area is a natural choice. It would be hard to stay angry and rebellious after more than 30 years, don’t you thnk? I think that also answers Will’s question. As far as which grocery stores, ewww, that’s veering into papparasitic irrelevance.

  7. Nobody is the same person they were 30 years ago. I am sure he has evolved and changed. There is nothing more annoying than former classmates commenting how you have changed from the person they (thought) they knew you as way back when. Changed? A different person? I certain hope so. Its the people who have NOT changed that concern me.

  8. What is sooooo odd? People are people after all, jeez. A man’s gotta eat! I thought he lived in Venice, but MDR is close enough. Why would you think he’s all anarchy? Do you think he should be squatting somewhere? The man has made a few coins in his career. Don’t pigeonhole. :)


  9. @Gbamwell — you might want to re-read my post. ‘Cause you’re not … getting the concept.

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