Art of “montethrasher” in Hollywood

3209001I’m a fan of urban art, especially the stuff that goes beyond the ordinary.  This painting I’ve only caught a glimpse of over the years at Kingswell and Vermont in Hollywood.  Glimpse is an understatement as traffic is so busy and all the parking spots full I never got the chance to get up close and personal with the painting.

This morning was different.  What a wonderful set of images.  From left to right it reads of the morphing of a human to something not of this world with its heart in its hand.  Interestingly, if you step just right you can see the Scientology Fortress Church.  

There are more pics after the jump.  All were taken with the trusty che-ez snap in its .3 mega pixel glory and will get a little bigger with a click.  To see the rest you need to make the jump.3209002







Has anyone else seen his work tucked in around LA?  IF so gimme the cross streets as I want to get in and check it out, even photo it with a real high-res camera.

3 thoughts on “Art of “montethrasher” in Hollywood”

  1. This is the only Monte Thrasher work I know of in LA. If you look closely, you may notice the surreal imagery is actually painted over an older mural of portraits. The original mural dates back to the 80’s. Kind of like a sophisticated mustache drawn on the face of a model in a print ad.

    (On a historical note, Walt & Roy Disney’s first office was located directly across Kingswell from here.)

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