How about Walter Moore for Mayor?

Yes there’s been a lot of talk here about Walter Moore, but let me tell you something –

I went to his website, read what he had to say, and got his email address. I sent him an email.

Within an hour he answered me, and Hold Onto Your Hats, he answered my questions.

We exchanged several emails, and he was direct in answering all my questions. No shit. Many emails.

A decent honest exchange between two people. Of course it could all go to hell with him too once he’s elected, but hey AT LEAST HE’S NOT TONY V.

Remember, as few as 500 votes – in a city of MILLIONS – will win this election.

I’m doing your research for you! Don’t sit around and bitch about it – CHANGE IT.

35 thoughts on “How about Walter Moore for Mayor?”

  1. He definitely has the ‘Angry White Male’ vote of the San Fernando Valley. I may be technically white, but I’m just not that angry, nor a Valleyite.

  2. If he has that much time on his hands to spend emailing potential voters he’s not working very hard. I bet you were actually talking to an assistant posing as him. If not, that would be pathetic.

    Don’t be fooled by Walter Moore. He’s a reactionary. He has no real support among anyone except the “Anyone but AV” crowd. That’s not a platform, that’s negative campaigning. I know what he is against. But what is he for? How would he actually achieve any of his agenda? He has no connections in Sacramento or Washington, no extensive administrative experience, no comprehensive vision for how to move Los Angeles forward.

    Antonio is a shoo-in.

  3. I’m mystified by your claim that 500 votes will win the election. Four years ago, there were 420,570 votes in the city primary. Walter Moore drew a whopping 2.77%.

  4. This time I hear estimates of about 100,000 expected votes. PATHETIC.

    So yes, a few hundred votes in any direction really could sway the election.

  5. Just VOTE is an understatement. What happen in LA proper affects all of So Cal and we need a present and strong leader in LA City hall.

  6. It’s easy to scoff at what will be a disgustingly low turnout next week, but frankly I’m not amazed at how quickly the apathy has resettled across Los Angeles after the empowerment of November. The disinterest has been successfully orchestrated by Villaraigosa’s unwillingness to engage in debate and the Times’ unwillingness to call bullshit on him.

  7. I’m no fan of Tony V, but Walter Moore scares me. His whole platform can be summed up as, “There are too many Mexicans in L.A., and wouldn’t it be nice if we could go back to the 1950s, back when L.A. didn’t look like Mexico?”

  8. Three things:
    1. Walter Moore is a nice guy.
    2. Walter Moore platform is based on appealing to xenophobes.
    3. Vote for anyone but Antonio. In a run off, vote for Antonio. Until then, vote for Walter or anyone else.

  9. This blog seems to be sliding scarily to the right, which is kind of weird. I wouldn’t have thought that could happen to this whole blog. I have to give it to you though, you are all really polite about it.

    Walter Moore is very wrong. I’m shocked that his name keeps coming up on this blog by posters that I would never dreamed would have been ok about him. I guess that’s the shocking thing. I didn’t know that the artsy crowd would be ok with very obvious racism. It’s ok, everyone has a right to their opinion, but I wouldn’t have expected that here.

    I thought the slant of this blog was at least moderate Democrat.

  10. Thanks for lumping every author on Metblogs together, Browne. I, for one, would never associate with that racist Markland.

    Unless he’s buying drinks.

  11. And again, that stupid “Markland is a racist” remark.

    There is nothing stupider than wanting to vote for anyone just because you don’t like the other guy. Is there any substantial reason, based on thought, political platform, and discourse that you choose to support Moore?

    I’m looking forward to Villaraigosa’s reelection. He (and the whole bureaucracy) will perform better this coming term, if he stays as Mayor.

  12. I live in L.A. County but not the City so I don’t get to vote. As an interested observer, I have to wonder how Antonio gets to be a shoo-in. Who are his constituents? What does he do for them? Then again, I lived in DC when “Mayor for Life” Marion Barry got busted for smoking crack in a hotel room while trying to commit adultery. Barry served 6 months in prison, then got re-elected Mayor and to the City Council! On the other hand, Barry paid lip service to less affluent blacks while giving rich white developers everything they wanted. At least that made sense from a crass political standpoint.

    That said, personally answering phone calls and correspondence is nice (though a sign of too much time on one’s hands), but is hardly a good reason by itself to vote for someone. I hope that Los Angeles voters will look at candidates’ actions, voting records where applicable, and public statements on the issues before choosing. I would hate to replace a nincompoop with a racist or someone who had some other really severe flaw.

    Finally, I don’t know what to make of Browne’s comment, other than mincemeat. As David M. indicates, authors here are not vetted or edited for, or encouraged to put forth, any viewpoint, political or otherwise. If we sat at a table and started discussing politics, I’m sure the fake fur would fly. I’m sure there’s a broad range of viewpoints, which hopefully adds to the color of the blog as a whole. If you could somehow enter fantasyland and average together those viewpoints, I believe it’s left of center at least, compared to America as a whole, and probably squarely in the mainstream of the blogosphere (which, for demographic reasons I believe, is likely left of center). But that begs the question of who gives a fuck? Although we cover political issues of local interest such as the Mayor’s race, we’re not a political blog. If you want one of those, there are plenty to suit your viewpoint, whatever it may be.

  13. Matt,

    Why did you get all touchy for? I’m just saying what it looks like, you can fix it if you don’t like what I’m seeing.

    As I get you’re not a political blog, this blog keeps talking about politics in general from a more right point of view. Now if that is a problem, I’m not sure what to do about it. I mean if you said I was on the left, I’d be like, “Yeah, so what’s it to you?” Markland, Burns, Ruth puts up Moore is ok, everyone who is regular poster here pretty much agrees and with no strong comments on how foul that concept is. And if you are liberal that is a foul proposition. If you are to the left of center that is a foul proposition, it’s not even something a left of center or even a moderate person would entertain.

    Oh yeah and this is also the blog that had a whole debate on whether or not it was ok to call someone an illegal and no one had an issue with it. And while on the Prop 8 you guys were on the right side (if you’re by your definition a left of center blog) on every other issue you’re pretty right wing, polite right wing, not Bush or crazy collecting guns right wing, but nevertheless a little rightie.

    That’s not bad, but it is what it is. I am not implying that you are vetted or edited or anything, I’m just saying in general this is pretty to the right of moderate. Is that insulting? I didn’t know that was an insult.

    LA Curbed is also to the right. See a blog is political even if it’s not political, everything is political. Not being political is in itself is a political statement.

    The people who aren’t to the right of moderate don’t seem to have the stomach to stand up and say anything or post anything to the contrary and that in my opinion means you agree. (Oh accept Queequeg, she’s to the left and she has some courage to say something of substance about it, good addition.) Yeah, but the rest of the left on this blog is pretty weak, because they don’t say anything real.

    It’s your blog, but since you gave me a response Matt it’s obvious that you possibly do give a fuck. In general I don’t respond to comments that I don’t give a f*ck about, accept if I just want to use the term “I don’t give a f*ck” in a gratuitious way, but I don’t really see the word f*ck that much in your posts.

    And I’m only censoring my f*cks because I’ve been caught by your auto moderator for naughty language before, because you know this blog is pretty moderate and bad language is frowned upon…lol…I’m not trying to be insulting. I didn’t know that calling people what they are was an insulting thing.

    The only place this blog would be left of center is in some small middle American town, certainly not in LA. Three of your writers think Walter Moore is an ok alternative, that’s scary, and that’s an obvious pattern of a certain way of thinking.

    This is a blog that thinks the “Markland is a racist” comment is so hilarious. I would still like someone to explain that joke to me.

    I’m just making observations. I thought the point of posts was to get a reaction via typing, so I think any comment I make is a good comment.


  14. The whole notion that you must have too much time on your hands to respond to emails is ridiculous. I know plenty of high powered individuals who know how to manage their time and communicate with others. Some of them even Twitter and blog on top of it all. That’s an ignorant stance.

    I’d also like to point out that when I submitted to write for Metblogs my personal politics were never inquired after. This is not a united front of opinions by any stretch. We often disagree. But we do it with respect to one another. It’s too bad more people can’t take a cue from that example of how to interact like adults.

  15. How is this topic of people being asked what their politics are to write here even coming up? I never said that, I never implied that, I don’t think that. I am simply saying the people who write here seem to have a way of thinking that is similar. Now that’s not a crazy statement. Most people blog with, hang out with, socialize with people who are somewhat close to them on the political or moral spectrum. You don’t see too many sex workers and nuns hanging out, you just don’t.

    Now lets step away from the conspiracy theory that some of you are thinking that I am implying and go back to the original off topic conversation of how you guys are to the right of moderate and I say that because three of you here who think Walter Moore is ok and the rest of the writers on this blog aren’t really adamant about how freakin insane that is.

    And I’m not sure what this respect thing is. I don’t remember it being all that respectful when certain commentors were having perfectly polite conversations about immigration issues and other people (who were writers here) made it a point to make a whole poll and joke about it and to add to the disrespect they make jokes about how the person who made the poll is a racist (still thinking that an incident from over a year ago was so hilarious,) referring to that incident and obviously mocking the people who respectfully disagreed in the first place.

    That Poll was really totally messed up, seriously totally messed up and the “Markland is racist” thing that I suspect is stemming from that is really, really disrespectful, just my opinion, but we all have different tolerance levels in regards to respect.

    Would you think that was respectful VictoriaLane, because I don’t think a whole poll mocking people and their ethnicity is very respectful, if this place is about respect.

    I’ve always been respectful here until someone shows me disrespect and then well, what can you do?


  16. I for one think that the incident from over a year ago is still totally hilarious.

    I also think it’s hilarious that support of one issue or one candidate causes assumptions of entire political stances of entire websites. I remember the good old days when I’d make a post about vegan food and people would post comments saying this blog was run by left wing hippies and then I’d make a post about messed up CCW practices in town and we’d all get called right wing nazis. Oh, maybe those good old days are here again. I’m sure that’s Markland’s fault too.

  17. I feel compelled to “defend” the blog because I don’t like being perceived as “right wing.” And to that end, I do have to say that “you guys are to the right of moderate and I say that because three of you here who think Walter Moore is ok and the rest of the writers on this blog aren’t really adamant about how freakin insane that is,“–well, that is a fallacious statement, for a number of reasons.
    1. Just because everyone doesn’t chime in saying that we disagree with Moore doesn’t mean we agree with him, or we support his candidacy. Some are calling to support him only infosar as it might serve as a call to action for Villaraigosa, a means of expressing our displeasure with the current mayor. I myself haven’t shared my opinion on this topic because, well, I’m prolly like most angenelos who’re hardly thinking of the election and who, when she doesn’t know much about the candidates, chooses not to talk about it, lest she come off like a damned idiot.
    2. On a more personal level, I know pretty the majority of folks who write for this blog are NOT right-leaning. We have a couple libertarians, which IMO are right-ish, but the rest are card-carrying liberals.
    Now, should we do a better job of all voicing our opinion, especially if we disagree with another author’s opinion? Maybe. Does the fact that we aren’t doing that on this post–the fact that we aren’t posting an avalanche of dissenting comments–mean we are a racist/right-leaning bunch, less inclined to voice our disagreement when an issue of race is involved? I certainly hope not. I hope this is just laziness and what I’ve oft noticed in the blogosphere: a general sense of post-and-let-post, where bloggers tend to allow others the space to post their opinions without stomping in & disagreeing vehemently. We deal with comment-trolls often, who come in & roundly shit on everything we have to say, and we’d rather not come in & roundly shit on anything a fellow author has to say. We’d prefer to just let them have their own opinion, and keep our disagreement to ourselves (if we disagree). Does silence equal consent? Not necessarily. It equals a lot of things, but it does not indicate we are right-wing.

  18. …but Browne I do always appreciate it when you make me check in & make sure I am doing the right thing for the right reasons, and when you prompt me to take a little step-back to examine my reasons for my actions.

  19. @ Sean Bonner
    What incident is hilarious? Markland being called a racist?

    You folks have to understand that this candidate is totally unacceptable. You don’t have to like Mexicans, Chicanos or other Latinos but to endorse someone who is explicitly against the majority of the residents of the city is outrageous.

    If he was against Jewish people or gay folks, I think there would be lot less “well, he’s better than Villaraigosa” talk that’s been floating around this site. In fact, I think every mainstream blog in Los Angeles would be all over it the way they were ready to lynch people over Prop 8. But cause it’s Mexicans, everyone’s like “oh well, what do I care?” It says a lot about some of the writers here and like Browne, I feel it’s a sad and disappointing realization.

    I’m not a fan of Villaraigosa either but what has he done that is worse than any other mayor? His problem is that he didn’t grow up privileged and acclimated to the power structure and is pretty bad at acting slick. Compare that to the weasel Richard Riordan, who totally fucked up Los Angeles but knew enough how to placate folks and wore the right kind of smile.

  20. What ruth666 has done here is give us good space to talk about Walter Moore, yet what is missing seems to be precisely why Walter Moore is either: 1) a good, better than AV candidate or 2) a bad candidate. Just general lukewarm support for him as an anti-AV candidate and vehement opposition against him because he is “explicitly against the majority of the residents of the city.” For the benefit of those who are unfamiliar with these things (which is 99.99% of this city), can we talk about this more? What has he done that makes him deserving of an anti-AV vote over the other candidates and, conversely, what has he done that earned him that racist label?

    Just to try to bring this back on topic: Walter Moore and his immigration policies, which seem to be the focus here. Without calling Moore a racist or any other loaded term that swings the discussion over to what “racist” means, let’s take something like Jamiel’s Law, which Moore authored and tried (unsuccessfully) to get on the ballot. Based on the statute’s assumption that “many, if not most, of the members of the gangs in Los Angeles are illegal aliens,” if passed, it would have mandated that the LAPD “identify, arrest, deport and/or prosecute and imprison gang members who are in the country illegally, without waiting to catch them committing murders or other crimes before enforcing the immigration laws against them.” This may or may not sounds great in theory but I think this is terrible in practice – how do you identify gang members who are in the country illegally? Ah, racial, classist profiling at its best.

    Then there’s this interview with the LA Times yesterday in which he stated a number of things I personally don’t agree with: first, no more funding for the Subway to the Sea (he’d use the funding to build underground parking and increase buses) and second, replacing Bratton with
    Joe Arpaio, an Arizona sheriff who recently paraded a little more than 200 chained illegal immigrants through Phoenix, segregating them away from the county jail and into a little tent city, complete with electric fence. DetentionWatch was all over this, as was the local AZ news, but unfortunately, a lot of Joe’s media stunts fly under the radar.

    As much as don’t like AV, I’m not willing to throw my vote behind someone whose politics I hate even more than AV’s, just to make a statement that he needs to answer to his constituents more. Because, for me, the alternative is worse: sending the wrong message of tacit endorsement to a guy I can tolerate even less than the incumbent.

  21. Victoria, I have to respectfully disagree with you. If a candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles, one of the largest, most populated cities on the planet, has time to answer “many emails” all at once from individual voters, that sounds nice and quaint and all bloggy and everything, but I’d say it’s a gigantic problem of priorities. Think of the number of potential voters who might be sending emails as well. If I was Moore’s campaign manager, I’d be worried.

    But even if you think answering individual emails is a great way for Moore to spend his day, as I wrote, that “is hardly a good reason by itself to vote for someone.” What’s important is what’s in those emails, what’s in those answers. I think Mayor Tony is doing a poor job and would love to see him replaced, but, as some commenters here have indicated, some of Moore’s positions raise very serious concerns. Surely, efficiency and time management skills alone shouldn’t be the sole basis to support someone. After all, Mussolini made the trains run on time, and we know how efficient the Nazis were.

  22. As far as Metblogs’ political bent, look at their monochromatic page design. Its a direct reflection of where any given blogger here sits on the spectrum, decidedly in the GRAY.

    Co-founder, Sean Bonner exemplifies this gray area on the political spectrum. He’s a Vegan-gun-toting-carbon-footprint-making-global-flier-cyclist-consumer-revolutionary, for chirstsakes.

  23. Gawd forbid anyone on L.A. metblogs be labeled “right wing” …how horrible.

    Then again, if anyone accused me of being “left wing” I’d probably feel dirty too.

    Welcome to the racist, angry, white people side, Ruth.

    *offers negrohead cookie*

  24. Walturd’s “I hate mexicans” stance is far from a political platform, and anyone doing anything less than laughing at him is pretty effin scary to me. I could (and have on the daily tribune) rip apart his whole platfrom and points drunk and vicodin’d out while doing jumping jacks. He will catch the angry racist white people in the foothills vote for sure (you know the ones who depend on illegal labor but then b*tch about them ruing everything), and help further cement the cultural divide between our city, but little else.

    Stop giving kooks like him and his followers attention, why dont the “kill whitey/ stolen land” crowd get as much media attention as the minutemen folks?

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