Classic Eats #3 Tomorrow Night

classiceats5A few quick updates for tomorrow night’s Classic Eats.

The Recap:
Tiki Ti at 4:30pm  (Map to Tiki Ti)
Taix at 6:30pm
Map from Tiki Ti to Taix

Tiki Ti takes cash only. There is street parking on Sunset and the Tiki Ti website kindly informed me that parking on Sunset is no longer free after 6pm. So while the parking meters say “until 6pm” the street signs now say “until 8pm” so make sure you are covered for the whole Tiki Ti visit.

There is a reservation for eight people at Taix at 6:30 under my name (Julia Frey). If there are many more or many fewer, we can just hang in the bar where we can also get food. 

Looking forward to all your smiling faces!

4 thoughts on “Classic Eats #3 Tomorrow Night”

  1. Haven’t been to Taix for years but I recall the split pea soup and the shrimp louie salad as being really good.
    My dad always pronounces it TAYS but he heard it’s really prounced TEX.

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