Win tix to Kool Keith: Dr. Octogon vs Dr. Dooom, this Friday at the El Rey

droctagonAny fan of rap or hip-hop–even just plain ole’ music fans who dig innovation and experimentation–will love Kool Keith in all his incarnations, whether it be as a member of seminal rap duo the Ultramagentic MCs, the trippy Dr. Octagon or the homicidal Dr. Dooom. Kool Keith’s lyrical innovations really make him akin to a Beat poet in his willingness to chop up language like a chef at Benihana, flipping around bits of language, slicing & dicing words apart to draw in all sorts of flavor.

Wanna go to the show? Tell me your favorite line from a Kool Keith track in the comments. We’ll randomly pick a few winners to get a pair of tix to the show.

Info on the show is here.

9 thoughts on “Win tix to Kool Keith: Dr. Octogon vs Dr. Dooom, this Friday at the El Rey”

  1. Here’s a few……so hard to chose just one……

    Supersonic bionic robot voodoo power

    Armed with seven rounds of space doo-doo pistols

    looks like your veculuar .. is some what constricted

  2. “Now my helmet’s on, you can’t tell me I’m not in space…. ”

    from Earth People on the freaky Dr. Octagonecologyst album.

  3. I’m gonna have to stick with 80s Kool Keith:
    “Your head is triangle / Like a mango”

    Although the spoken intro for Black Elvis is spectacular:
    “Why are you smirking up your face, making obnoxious facial scenes like I supposed to be scared”

  4. REALLY hate to say this, but “Dogs drink my piss” from sex style is stuck in my head fairly frequently. GD i hate admitting that.

  5. -You want birth control you can smoke a cigarette

    -Baboons clap and girl horses wanna hit the sack

    -it’s welfare love, section 8

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