13 thoughts on “Spotted in Sherman Oaks: while we’re on the subject of poop…”

  1. I sort of have a collection of ‘Clean up after your dog’ signs (including one of those you posted above). I know, weird. On the Chandler walking path in Burbank, they have poop bag stations with garbage cans right below. On the cans, there are signs at dog level that say “Attention Dogs. Grrr, bark, woof. Good dog.” I guess Burbank dogs can read.

  2. Ah Annika, great minds think alike I guess. Sorry for the duplication. And Jodi, you know our own Julia collects those warning signs with silhouette men getting mauled. We’re all weird in our way, I think.

  3. Oh, not so frightening. There’s safety in numbers.
    I’ve said it before. My inner-12-year-old is an outty.

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