Classic Eats #3: French Polynesia This Saturday

classiceats4I’m calling it official: This Saturday, Feb. 28, we will be exploring French Polynesia via Los Angeles! (While there were technical difficulties with our polling apparatus, French Polynesia was in the lead before the poll went dark.) 

4:30 pm: Polynesia starts at Tiki Ti in Los Feliz. We will get our drink on, get to know each other better then head over to the French portion of the evening. 

6:30 pm: Taix Restaurant. We will take in some classic French yum yums like Moules and frittes.

For more information, maps, etc, skip past the jump. Please read about Tiki Ti because it has some unique features you might want to prepare for.

Tell your friends! Bring your cameras! See you there!


Tiki Ti takes CASH ONLY. There is an ATM at the back of the place. Also, they do not serve wine or beer. They serve crazy tiki drinks, which is why they are called Tiki Ti and is also why we are going. They allow smoking inside and the place is not large. No really it’s tiny, which is why we are going so early. Be prepared.

Tiki Ti can also have strange hours and while they say they open at 4pm, I will be calling to make sure they actually do this Saturday. If for any reason there is a problem, I will post an update on Friday. 

Tiki Ti website. (It’s a fun website, check it out)

Map to Tiki Ti

Taix Restaurant is 2 miles east on Sunset in Echo Park. I suggest we try to carpool over as we will have made friends at the bar. I will call Taix and reserve a few tables. If you know for sure you are coming, please let me know in the comments as it would be good to get a rough head count.

Taix Restaurant website

Map from Tiki Ti to Taix

11 thoughts on “Classic Eats #3: French Polynesia This Saturday”

  1. Yay!

    I was just at Tiki Ti last Thursday and I asked about opening time. The mixologist (these guys aren’t just bartenders, they’re craftsmen) said 4pm, but it’s probably worth confirming that again. As for table reservations, I’ll be at the Tiki Ti, but have to skip Taix.

    Can’t wait!

  2. Count us in! Had such a good time at Union Station and Philippe’s (no matter HOW you pronounce it)

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