ICME: The Return of Green

When a group of friends and our dogs went for a hike in Aliso Canyon Park a couple of months ago, it was kind of depressing. A victim of the October 2008 Sesnon Fire in Porter Ranch, it was mostly brown and peppered with charred remains of destroyed trees. Several of us returned yesterday to find the recent rains jump started the return of some green.

Aliso Canyon Park, Porter Ranch<br>Photo by Jodi
Aliso Canyon Park, Porter Ranch by Jodi

Unlike the trail queequeg hiked recently, there were no poop bag or mitt stations. Perhaps for that reason, or even the fact that there are no garbage cans anywhere in the vicinity, no one seems to pick up after their dogs or horses (!) I suppose that’s due to it being an undeveloped park with limited maintenance.

Luckily, there was a gas station nearby so I didn’t have to drive too far with dog poo in my car!

6 thoughts on “ICME: The Return of Green”

  1. Excellent idea re: tying the poop to the side mirror. I think I’ll do that next time! Fortunately, it was a nice enough day to drive with all of the windows down. Even triple bagged…well, it was gross.

  2. Knowing my dog, she’d get all agitated and try to kill a poop bag flying in the wind. Good idea for those less suicidal canines, though.

  3. Kudos to you for packin’ yer pooch’s poop. Too many people would just leave the bagged bundle by the side of the trail.

  4. SOmewhere later in life I am going to use the line “to kill a poop bag flying in the wind” I have no idea when or how, but make no mistake about it, I shall use that classic line!

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