Green Comet: 2nd Chance Tomorrow

jack-newton1_strip-300x2881Tomorrow morning (3 – 4am!) is the closest approach that Comet Lulin will be making to earth. It may be tough to see in our very bright city, but perhaps with a telescope or binoculars you could get lucky. (Oh and if it’s not pouring rain…) 

Blast past the jump for the map of the night sky and Lulin’s position in it. Also click here for Nasa’s Green Comet page.

If you lays eyes on it, please come back and comment!



2 thoughts on “Green Comet: 2nd Chance Tomorrow”

  1. The BF got out his massive binoculars and we looked at it last night! It looked like a diaphanous little gauzy cotton ball, barely visible. Methinks it was so wispy because of the ambient light in the area…

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