White Knots At The Oscars

whiteknotWhether you like it or not, actors often express their opinions on issues they feel passionately about during award shows.  The most prominent cause for 2009 will come as no surprise – Gay Marriage.

Keep an eye out during the Academy Awards for little white ribbons with a knot in the middle of them.  They’ve already appeared at the Grammys and the Spirit Awards.

Want to share your own support with a white knot?  You can get yours here.

3 thoughts on “White Knots At The Oscars”

  1. I typically despise the various ribbons. Red, pink, yellow, plaid, whatever. Once the magnetic ribbons for the back of the car came out, it got even worse. I once passed a car with six different magnetic ribbons for every possible cause stretched across the entire trunk. It just seemed to me that the whole “awareness ribbon” thing had jumped the shark.

    A white knot, though? I will absolutely wear one. Thanks for pointing this out.

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