Mayor Goes Back in Time With City Council

Villaraigosa has a new Facebook app asking you to pledge allegiance to him. Behold:


It is not the fact that he claims to be “bringing us together,” or that he is “getting things done,” that bothers me most. Instead, it is the disturbing trend in political head shots featuring the coat over the shoulder. The one that says, “Hey, I’m just like you, voter. I’m taking off the tweed and rolling up the shirt sleeves to make this a better city.”

It should be noted that Antonio isn’t the first to channel his inner 80’s. Tom LaBonge of District 4 does it on his $25,000 website:


Councilmember Richard Alarcon of District 7 also sports the look on his. (Bonus points for the mustache.):


With 13.3% of the City Council and the Mayor of Los Angeles already embracing the look, one has to wonder if this is the next big thing in fashion. It’s hip to be square.


6 thoughts on “Mayor Goes Back in Time With City Council”

  1. Very funny post, Jason.

    I actually snort-laughed when I got to the Huey Lewis pic.

    I definitely wanna new drug.

  2. The trend that disturbs me isn’t the head shot with jacket slung over shoulder, which has been around and long as heads, jackets, and shoulders have existed; it’s the “Pledge” request. I get these from organizations that I strongly support. I’m all psyched to sign onto what I think is a well-articulated petition to my representatives on an issue, then I look for the recipient, and it’s just a “Pledge” back to the organization itself. This is a cynical, phony ploy to get people to pat themselves on the back and, oh yeah, forward our live contact info. to the org so they can hit us up with donation requests into perpetuity.

    I have added such empty pledge requests to my list of things (memes, Facebook “applications”) that I will not do.

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