7 thoughts on “Archiving Angeles (AA): Italian Actors Strike”

  1. I assume they meant “Italian-American,” although the term probably wasn’t widely used back then. I don’t know if the protest worked, or whether it was a coincidence, but the following year, Paramount released “The Godfather,” followed a couple of years later by “The Godfather: Part II.” Italian-American actors? Italian-American director? Based on a book by an Italian-American, who co-wrote the screenplay with the Italian-American director? Fuhgeddaboudit.

    (I don’t mention “III” in polite company).

  2. Matt – if you click through to the photo the published caption explains that it was connected to the Godfather casting:

    “Unknown” Italian actors, seeking roles in “the Godfather,” picket Paramount.

    (Note the old entrance to the lot, on Marathon. The entrance is now moved to Melrose and Marathon is now the promenade on the lot.)

  3. Cybele — so the issue wasn’t that Italian-American actors should be hired, since obviously they were (and I can’t imagine that Francis Ford Coppola did not want to hire otherwise: the story of his pushing for Al Pacino as Michael Corleone, rather than Robert Redford[!!], because Michael needed to have “the face of Italy,” is famous in this town), it’s that unknown actors should be hired? In that case, it does not seem to be an issue of ethnicity at all, but one of meritocracy, connections, nepotism (check out the number of actors named “Coppola” in the Godfather films), or whatever else gets actors hired. I’m not sure how well the guys in the photo fared. I don’t recall subsequently seeing them on screen, but maybe some of them made it as character or other actors?

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