And A Surfer Shall Lead Them

Earlier today, Jason Burns and his keen eye spotted Mayor Antonio Vaporaigosa’s joining of the cliched coat-over-the-shoulder brigade in some Facebook campaign shenanigans:


For me, the rhythm of the lame not-really-true tagline “Bringing people together. Getting things done.” got me thinking of the similarities it has with the meter and flow of a famous phrase uttered by a man we all know and love and who I for one would be no less disappointed¬† to have as our next civic leader than I am with the one we have now:


5 thoughts on “And A Surfer Shall Lead Them”

  1. Will, how on earth did you think of that? You have been God-like this week. Did you take genius pills or something? Seriously.

  2. Will doesn’t need genius pills, they make genius pills out of his castoff skin & hair.

    that came out sounding gross, but basically I wanted to say Will is clearly already a genius. This post only hammers that point home.

  3. Maybe you can do another one for imaginary President Richard Starkey from post-apocalyptoclunker The Postman: “Things are getting better. Getting better all the time.”

  4. I love Spicoli, he’d get my vote. I’d love to have him stand before AV for a switching of the mayoral keys and go “dude your such a dick”. Really.

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