Vote for anyone but Antonio, March 3rd!

I know it feels like we just had an election less than four months ago (it was actually 108 days ago) but Angelenos have to head back to the polling booth March 3rd to cast our votes for a number of important public offices, including Mayor.

Surprised? Then you’ll be even more shocked to find out that not one, not two, but seven different challengers will be up against Mayor V on the ticket.

Its highly unrealistic that any one of these candidates will come close to beating Antonio, but if our incumbent mayor doesn’t receive at least 50% of all votes, we head into a runoff election… a result that might actually deflate Antonio’s ego a bit, and have him actually pay attention to his constituency a little more.

For this to happen, all Angelenos need to do is head to the polls March 3rd and vote for anyone BUT Antonio.

Last Sunday, six of the Villaraigosa’s seven challengers attended a forum held by the Valley Alliance of Neighborhood Councils. All criticized the current Mayor (who, of course, declined an invite), along with each other. The Daily News reports that the room became unsettled after Carlos Alvarez said he supported “making undocumented workers legal,” and refused to answer more questions after fellow candidate¬†Phil Jennerjahn said he wouldn’t vote for Alvarez even if there wasn’t another choice.

When the candidates were asked if they would consider supporting another candidate if that person had a better chance at defeating Villaraigosa, Moore quipped: “If I get hit by a bus, vote for Hernandez.”

Moore then turned to Hernandez and deadpanned: “I don’t want any of your supporters renting a bus.”

Zuma Dogg cleans up well... before and after.
Zuma Dogg cleans up well... before and after. (photo on right by David Crane, Daily News)

Possibly the most surprising revelation from the forum was the sight of David “Zuma Dogg” Saltsburg in a suit, without his trademark sunglasses and black cap (shown at right).

It should be noted that while the Los Angeles blogosphere has been largely negligent in covering the Mayoral “race,” Joseph Mailander at Street Hassle has been covering the candidates quite regularly, including interviews with many of the candidates, including 22 year old Carlos Alvarez.

Candidates websites (snagged from Street Hassle):

So, go ahead, pick one, any one, and vote on March 3rd.

15 thoughts on “Vote for anyone but Antonio, March 3rd!”

  1. Kinda makes you wonder why none of the politicos with any credibility are running against AV. Could it be because they are satisfied with him as Mayor, or perhaps understand the difficulty of beating him? I would not vote for any of these clowns, especially the rabid reactionary Moore, who would rather Los Angeles went back in time to 1950.

    I understand the notion of sending AV a signal, but in reality he is going to win this race easily.

  2. I’ve found myself this campaign season stricken with two emotions: 1) disgust at the lackluster array of challengers and the failure of EITHER major party to put up a credible challenger to this do-nothing show-boater of a mayor; and 2) frustration that I’ve been so completely snowed under with work and after-work projects since last summer I haven’t been able to blog about it. Thanks to Markland and Mailander and others for keeping on top of it. And shame on Angelenos for not coughing up anyone more mayoral than what we’re faced with.

  3. During the presidential campaign I called him Hillarygosa for all the campaigning he did for Clinton at the expense of the place he was elected to lead. Now I have a new name for the grinning nonentity the city will re-elect mayor this year so he can call for a million more potholes to e filled in and concentrate on the important stuff of running for governor next year. Now he’s just: Vaporaigosa.

  4. Thanks for addressing this… The apathy surrounding this mayoral election is mindblowing to me. Villain-gross-a is so incredibly unethical, egomaniacal and completely unaccountable to his constituents. I attended the mayoral forum tonight in Eagle Rock. I am supporting Walter Moore. I think he is a bit misunderstood. I really believe that he is the best candidate we have. I really hope, at the very least, that there is a runoff.

  5. Walter Moore?
    I would never support anyone who thinks my neighbors and I are part of a “Mexican invasion.”

    “Villaraigosa hopes to secure Los Angeles as a Mexican majority city with voting rights to elect other Mexicans to public office. Before long, Los Angeles will be a city of Mexico with city officials loyal to Mexico, not the United States. Villaraigosa has always been, and still is, a major part of the Mexican invasion of our country.”
    -Walter Moore

    What a progressive!

  6. I would never support anyone who thinks my neighbors and I are part of a “Mexican invasion.”

    Try reading the ENTIRE post, Chimatli.

    It was obviously penned by the host blogger, NOT Walter Moore.

    Nice try though.

  7. Oh, come on people. Walter Moore is against transit, against diversity, against public infrastructure expenditures. What is he for? I can’t seem to figure that out. Don’t fall for this fool.

    For all of AV’s apparent faults, I think he has been a good mayor. He is reforming the planning codes of the city, working hard to get rail transit built, creating alliances with national political figures to get Los Angeles more money for investment in infrastructure, and working hard behind the scenes to diversify the city’s political culture.

    Of course he has faults, and some of them are embarrassing. But it’s telling that only the freaks are running. It’s not apathy, it’s respect on the part of the political establishment for his work and his stature. He’ll be termed out in 4 years.

    Even if he runs for Governor in 2010, who would you all rather have for Governor, the Mayor of Los Angeles or the Mayor of San Francisco or maybe Oakland? I know which one I would choose.

  8. Hey Ugly,
    Perhaps, you should try reading more carefully. Every article on that page is attributed to Walter Moore. Why are you trying to deflect, if you agree with him?

    I’m not a fan of Villaraigosa but I’d bet he’d get a lot more slack and free passes if he’d been part of the old boys network. He’s much better than Riordan who was one of the worst Los Angeles mayors and kinda creepy too.

  9. Bert, the 1950s don’t strike me as being so bad. I think life in L.A. then generally *was* better than it is today. Not so congested, better schools, less sprawl, not much gang violence, and not so ugly and rundown like it is now. When I see pictures of, say, MacArthur Park, or the Valley, or Hollywood Blvd from back then I think, “holy crap, what happened?” My take is that our trajectory has been downward since those days, and today we’re treading water _at best_.

  10. For such a large city, is there any reason why the Democrats are not holding a debate?

    Isn’t this supposed to be a democracy where people get to actually see & hear questions regarding our future and hopefully make their choice.

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