Is LA closer to an NFL Team than we think?

According to my chiropractor the stadium construction is about to be approved in the City of Industry.

Check it out.   Simple conversation with my DC this morning while I get a snap, crackle and pop done to my neck and back this was dropped in my lap.  

Simpkin III of the NFL was at the Santa Anita Boy Scout Counsel breakfast this morning.  He shows them plans and pics of a stadium to be built into the hillside near the junction of the 57/60 Freeways out in the City of Industry.  He and others present were told the stadium is nearly a done deal with approval expected at next weeks City Council meeting.   Dr Miller said they were told the stadium will include a hall where exhibits from the NFL Hall of Fame can be rotated through so we can see them without having to travel to some gawd-forsaken spot back east to see them.

A quick bit of research shows that according to the City of Diamond Bar the vote takes places 2/26.  Reading their list of entries it appears that they intend to fight a stadium built there.  Looks like we’ll have a nimby fight as well.

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  1. Judging by the lack of comments, I’d have to assume that I’m not the only one who stopped caring whether we get an NFL team a long time ago.

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