Bike District Under Attack?

This is totally sketchy second hand information, but according to my friend Kelly the front windows of the new Orange 20 bike shop location at Melrose and Heliotrope were smashed last night, and the phone lines for the neighboring restaurant Pure Luck were cut. Either one of those on their own would suck, but both on the same night kinda points towards something more targeted. I’m meeting a few folks over there later this afternoon and will try to get photos and any scoop I can at that point. If anyone knows anything or has any further info, please let us know.

9 thoughts on “Bike District Under Attack?”

  1. Well arguable those are 2/3rds of what make up the Bike District, as far as retail anyway. No word yet from the Bicycle Kitchen across the street yet, but it’s not like windows in both places were smashed. the phone lines are in the back of one and window is out front which implies that someone was at least thinking about what they were doing -not just randomly smashing places they happened to be walking pass – I’d guess..

  2. This reminds me of the assholery that happened when the Cache mural was painted over. Maybe somebody’s got a grudge against Orange 20 and thought Pure Luck’s phone lines belonged to them.

  3. As a reformed irresponsible vandal, I would say don’t read too much into the proximity of the damage aside from the fact that they’re within walking distance of one another and probably on the way to or from somewhere else that also got vandalized that nobody heard about because they’re not part of that circle of friends.

  4. Pure Luck’s phone and power were (mistakenly) cut as part of the Orange 20 break-in. Their power, phone and alarm were still working when the window was broken, so the theives only got away with a few bikes.

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