Chaos at Glendale & Fletcher

I just got a call from Ruth666 tipping me off to some chaos in Silver Lake – she’s got no power so unable to blog it herself. If you are familiar with the intersection of Glendale Blvd and Fletcher Ave then you know the (nor dormant) 76 Station on the corner. Apparently someone just plowed their car into a power line knocking down the pole and taking another with it, in turn blacking out several blocks around it. She said it’s a mess of wires and cops and utility workers at the moment. More info when we have it…

9 thoughts on “Chaos at Glendale & Fletcher”

  1. I just drove through it. Its a mess…
    Tried to go to the Ralphs for milk, its closed. Rowena is totally shut down. The light at Silver Lake and Glendale is down too. Traffic on Silver Lake was backed up to the dog park

  2. Had to run out for candles in case this ran into the nighttime!

    Back home now (at 415pm) and power is restored. Traffic is still a bit crunky, but Glendale and Fletcher is open so it’s not as bad as it was earlier.

    Thanks for reporting, Sean!

  3. Oops – when I said “Glendale and Fletcher is open” that wasn’t completely true.

    Glendale Blvd is closed from Fletcher to where Rowena becomes Glendale (at the fire station), but traffic looks to be okay-ish at 510pm, which I was not expecting.

  4. Los Feliz was shut down at Vermont at around 3pm this afternoon when I came out of the park (happily via bicycle). Vermont was pretty jammed going south.

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