Hollywood Bowl 2009 Subscription Series On Sale Now

Hollywood Bowl Fireworks by Jodi
Hollywood Bowl Fireworks by Jodi

Nights at the Hollywood Bowl practically define my summers in L.A, so I got really excited when I received a mailing the other day announcing their subscription series for 2009. The entire calendar is not published yet, but you can purchase various ticket packages for classical, jazz, world music, spectaculars (which often feature amazing fireworks, and special events. Becoming a subscriber has a lot of benefits such as early choice of seats, a discount at the Bowl Store, and advanced sales for other shows. If you place an order by March 2nd, you also get a free bottle of wine.

I actually wait until individual tickets go on sale, which starts in March if buying for 5 or more shows. Otherwise, you have to wait until May 2nd and line up with hundreds of other people at the box office, which can be a fairly miserable experience. Since I do attend a fair number of the concerts, I get the cheapest seats still available. I’ve never seen the venue sold out for a week night classical show, so it’s easy to move down two or three sections closer to the stage.

Principle Guest Conductor Thomas Wilkins will be making seven appearances during the 2009 season. While I still miss John Mauceri terribly, Wilkins is pretty awesome. Like Mauceri, he is down to earth and connects with the audience. Snarky British conductor Bramwell Tovey also returns to lead the orchestra for six performances.

I always look forward to Opening Night, 4th of July, John Williams, and the Tchaikovsky Spectacular with fireworks and the USC Trojan Marching Band. Some of the special events, especially Death Cab for Cutie performing with the L.A. Philharmonic, look pretty great too. There really is a lot of variety so you can choose what suits your taste. If you’ve never been, go at least once and see if you get hooked like I did.

More details and information available on the Hollywood Bowl website.

6 thoughts on “Hollywood Bowl 2009 Subscription Series On Sale Now”

  1. Great news! Every year I look forward to the summer season opening at the Bowl. There is little that can beat a warm summer night under the stars at the Hollywood Bowl, a great performance on stage, a glass of wine in hand. I buy the cheap seats and hope to move down, too. If you get them early enough (before they sell out) you can find tickets as cheap as $1 & $5. Take the shuttle ($3) and a bottle of wine, and it’s cheaper than taking a date to the movies. A better way to spend an evening, too. Can’t wait!

  2. Yep…exactly what I do! Cheap tickets and the shuttle (occasionally the Red Line to H&H, but that’s pricier). And now with the video screens along the sides, I don’t feel so bad when I’m way at the top for a sold out show.

  3. I can’t decide if I want to subscribe this year. There is a subscription I definitely am interested in, but I am continuous aggravated by the audiences there. It’s why I didn’t subscribe for the last two years. Needed a break from the idiots.

  4. @calmproto: I don’t know if they’re sold out, but I suspect they are. Returning subscribers are offered their tickets before tickets are made available to the general public. I’ve met people at the Bowl who have held the same box for 20, 30, even 40+ years. One thing you could try is to contact the Hollywood Bowl box office directly, instead of TicketMaster. As boxes are vacated, they may choose to sell them in-house rather than let TM handle it for them. Another thing you can ask the box office about is getting a box for individual shows. When box holders aren’t able to make it to a particular show, the Bowl will buy those tickets back and make them available for sale. Not sure exactly how that program works, but the box office could tell you.

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