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Inside locali
Inside locali

Have you checked out locali on Franklin Ave. in Hollywood?  I only recently found out about this store and had to visit.  Reading on the website, it read like a green 7 – 11.  Funny thing, that’s exactly what it is and then some.   Want a slushie? They have yummy ginger tonic slushies in a couple of flavors.  There are vegan and vegetarian burritos available along with salads, soups and other ready-to-eat items.  Fresh organic coffee is for sale and quite delicious.

locali has pretty much everything you, but with a green twist.  There are environmentally sound household & hygiene items and a rather large selection of beers and wines that are Certified Organic, biodynamic and/or come from sustainable farms, including gluten-free beers!  Toward the rear of the store is a well stocked frozen section along with healthy snacks for kids and a deli section.  The big draw of this area is the emphasis on vegan and gluten-free foods, making it easy for those who follow these diets to grab a quick bite on the go. 

What makes locali a little more special than shopping at say, Whole Foods, is the emphasis on ‘local’.  The prepared foods available are made by local LA chefs and caterers.  The store makes as little impact as possible environmentally-speaking, by using solar power and energy efficient appliances were they can.  Their food containers, utensils and napkins are cornstarch-based and recyclable, though they do encourage you to bring your own containers for take-out foods.  And if you’re a little lost as to where to begin, there are books available for sale to get you started on anything from square foot gardening to vegan recipes.

locali is located in Hollywood

5825 Franklin Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

You can view more pictures of my visit here.  You can also follow locali on Twitter.

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  1. super cool! I’m so glad yu wrote this post. I’ve driven by this place and keep meaning to stop by and check it out, now I will! Hopefully they will franchise. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could drive up the 5 and know you could get vegan food in an environmentally friendly place! Thanks.

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