Fifth Anniversary Midnight Ridazz Rolls Tonight

Seeing as how without your elaborate and primarily gelatinous IAAL•MAF (of which I am a most(ly) humble member) stepped up large and on short notice to eliminate the very real possibility of there not being a Fifth Anniversary Midnight Ridazz ride happening tonight, I’d be both remiss and in flagrant violation of its bylaws if I didn’t do a bit o’ the pimpin’ of it here. We’re calling it the Take The Fifth Ride.

We’ve got kickass spokecards and congenial dispositions and a route that starts and ends at the Echo Park Lake boathouse, paying homage along the way to a number of Midnight Ridazz landmarks real and imagined such as Boyle Heights’ Mariachi Plaza, the 6th Street Bridge, the 2nd Street Tunnel, and the Bicycle District before doing a run up to  Hollywood. It’s slated for 20-21 miles but  the midpoint comes back close to Echo Park so there’s a halfsies option if your so inclined to cut short the most fun you’ll ever have on a bike.

“But Will, it’s gonna be cold and it might rain!”

So? Sure there’s a chill in the air and a chance of showers, but I’ve been doing an anti-rain dance on my lunch hour and state-mandated 15-minute breaks and it appears to have worked. But even if skies open up on us at some point t’ll just make a night out biking the streets of Los Angeles with those who choose to roll with us that much more unique.

Join us, won’t you? The ride gathers at 9:30 and departs at 10. You’ll find a bit more info here at

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